Latest On Undertaker & Brock Lesnar At WWE Raw, Six-Man Match Announced, Bret Hart

– WWE is advertising that Brock Lesnar will be at Monday’s Raw to respond to what happened last week with The Undertaker. Taker is being advertised on the events page for Monday’s Raw so he will be there.

– In case you missed it on SmackDown, The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family in a six-man rematch has been announced for this coming Monday’s RAW.

– Renee Young’s next guest on WWE’s 30 Years of WrestleMania podcast will be Bret Hart.

  • jrock2310

    Looks like McMahon/HHH are working like hell to put together a nice card in hopes to combat the Punk chants that are sure to hijack the show.

    I hope the Chi-Town fans are smarter than that & can see through this ploy.


    • Luke

      Yeah, let’s ruin a show featuring Shield vs Wyatts by chanting for a whiny little bitch who took his ball and went home, simply because the incredibly generous contract, use of a company jet, aspect of creative control and generous cut of merchandise sales simply wasn’t enough because “wahh!! I wanna main event Wrestlemania!”

      Get your head out of your ass. Punk left YOU. You wouldn’t chant for your daddy if he went out for cigarettes and never came back. He had an amazing contract, doing the best job on earth, for the biggest name in wrestling. If you consider what he’s done against what he was given in his contract and you STILL think he deserves your support, you’re a fucking idiot.

      • Thomas Robinson

        Give this man a cookie. Nicely put Luke.

      • jrock2310

        and u don’t think punk has earned/deserves to main event at WM? the guy has 20 yrs of experience under his belt. has main evented numerous TV & PPV’s. Why not let him main event WM? He’s done everything he can to prove he can be the guy. the simple fact u hear punk chants throughout raws & smackdown is because everyone knows the kind of worker punk is.

        and if u don’t already know… the list of injuries punk has been dealing w/ is ridiculous, yet he still went out there every night & performed — back back, busted knees & ankle, damaged ribs. ive even heard reports that he’s been dealing w/ a blood disorder; possibly anemia. which if u don’t know can make u tired, unable to hold food, muscular weakness, etc… all good things to have when you’re a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER.

        (& yes, I know other wrestlers work hurt or even injured all the time)

        look, im not saying punk is the end all, be all… I just think w/ his health, the creative disfunction. punk finally decided to think of himself, first, before the business. and in this *particular situation* I don’t blame him all that much. it could have been handled a little better, but when push comes to shove at some point u have to look after yourself, because no one else will.

        and last but not least… its Chicago. they cheer for their own. its just bad timing on the part of WWE.

        • Luke

          Yeah… Pretty much everything you just mentioned is true of a lot of other wrestlers past and present, and frankly nobody has a reputation for bitching quite like Punk. Look at Mick Foley for example: Amazing character with a great connection to the fans. Did he ever headline Wrestlemania? No. Did he bitch about it? No. Did he walk away and breach his contract? No. Complaining because you’re not headlining the match is an ego issue, plain and simple.

          I love Punk as an in-ring performer, and yes if he’s burnt out then I agree he should stop. But there’s a way of going about it. Do a last promo, say thank you and goodbye to the fans (Edge gave a good example). DO NOT simply disappear. That’s the behaviour of an asshole.

          • jrock2310

            I agree w/ u to an extent he should have been handled it better… but when you’ve exhausted your energy & power trying to *BETTER* the company & its falling on def ears…. what are u supposed to do?
            and its not as if punk is some mid-card hack…he’s a made guy. don’t u think his opinion should carry some merit?

            im not suggesting give in to punks every demand & wish. hes only expressed frustration w/ creative (that meaning storylines & use of talent). & HHH promoting his guys versus trying to elevate the younger, more talented guys.

            another interesting point of note: isn’t it funny how we kill people like LeBron for leaving Cleveland when the fact is he left & took less money to play w/ better people & further his opportunity & chances.
            isn’t that (to some degree) what punk did? he basically said, I don’t need your money… I want creative & management to do better by our guys. he left, hes not being paid, hes not receiving royalty checks for merch. what punk did was stand up for his beliefs & the guys in the back being held down. I think one day we’ll look back & think what he did was actually noble. but guys like him are never appreciated in present time. its only until the full story comes out that people recognize why he did what he did.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      You can’t still be serious about this CM Punk thing?

      Man, the way people are you would have thought that Punk was fired when all he did was walk out, It’s amazing that people are blaming WWE for CM Punk walking out.

      • jrock2310

        if you’ve read more into this entire story, you’d know its not fully about punk. punk was a leader backstage. always fighting for the other guys to get the spotlight. this is not about punk leaving because he didn’t want to fight HHH at WM. its a lot of different things. punk wanted talented guys to get a shot. he fought hard for DB – now look at him. he’s fought for ziggler (who is still seemingly in the dog house). he’s stood up for the uso’s.

        on top of that, HHH has decided he wants to reach into the past & highlight his buddies rather than elevate & nourish new talent.

        the creative has been awful lately. punk has been dealing w/ numerous health concerns & injuires. …and STILL performing night in 7 night out w/ minimal time off (we’re talking about a top guy still doing house shows w/ injuries. you’d think you’d give him those days off long enough to recuperate).

        im not trying to depict punk as some white knight fighting for just for the injust. im simply trying to show people the mount of shit the guy has been dealing with. you would just think the WWE would protect their assets a little better. but then again, that’s the history of the WWE – they chew u up & spit u out. ‘NEXT MAN UP’ is their philosophy.

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          It shouldn’t matter what happened in the business, he got alot more than others did, and he simply just walked out. That’s it.

          • jrock2310

            its not about what punk got out of it. punk has made a lot of money. conversely, he also has made a lot of money for the WWE. so that’s a wash. besides, the WWE still goes on while punk still has to preform w/ little to no say w/ a beat up body.
            punk has been adamant – its about the product. I venture to say punk knows a little about what does & does not work in wrestling.

            case in point – bryan, Usos, shield, cesaro, ziggler, kofi… all guys punk has reportedly fought for.
            WWE now highlighting *some of these guys I think is their round about way of saying ‘oh ok, u were right.’

  • James Humwood

    Damn it wwe is pulling out all the stops. That being said I want the fans to hijack the show but plz leave those two segments alone Wyatt’s and shield deserve your respect and so does taker definetly so atleast be nice to them. I would laugh If the fans cheer the Wyatt’s/shield match but boo roman reigns xD. As long as the fans respect those two segments I will be happy to here boos everywhere else lol. I would love the fans to hang chris beniot xD

  • steph

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