Latest On Where The Great Khali Has Been & When He Might Return To WWE TV

As noted back in the leaked RAW script from a few weeks ago, The Great Khali is away until May 24th, which means he could be back at next week’s TV tapings.

Khali hasn’t wrestled a match since the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX but has appeared on NXT in matches that were taped before WrestleMania.

Khali has been in India for over a month now and while there, he re-registered to be a police officer. Apparently this is something he has to do every few years.

  • MGTT

    Khali is a joke!, he can’t even walk properly let alone wrestling. WWE should release him already.

    • Yoyo

      I hate watching him as well, obviously.. but he’s great for WWE! Kids wanna see him at shows purely for his size and he more than likely makes millions for WWE from Indian fanbases.

      • MGTT

        Yep, most likely kids are the only reason that WWE is still keeping him, otherwise they’d have kicked him out long ago. And the Indians fan-base thing too!

      • Halberto1

        Couldn’t they just use Jinder Mahal for that? I realize that he’s from Canada, but he’s quite obviously of Indian origin. Khali is pretty much done in the ring.

        • Wrestling_fan

          They never really promoted his indian origin thing though & also, who would come to see 3MB!? :P

      • Wrestling_fan

        Am from India & I can pretty much assure you that Indians couldn’t care less about Khali! In the last year, Ryback & Big Show had come to India (for game promotional stuff etc) & not Khali.
        I think he’s being kept because of his size & also the kids like him. Miss his heel days (black pyjamas instead of red :P ).

  • cj

    Khali is one of few superstars that I wonder how in the hell they are hanging on with WWE over the years. Him , JTG , Rosa Mendes (prior to landing on Total Diva’s) etc. if this was circa 2004/5 they all would have been released & called budget cuts lol

    • Wrestling_fan

      For Khali & Rosa Mendes, I can still understand since they are sometimes used for promotional charity stuff (be a star), matches (superstars at least & sometimes on SD as well) etc. Plus with Khali, you have the size factor.
      But I can never understand why they still have still employed JTG. He never appears on any show, not even on NXT or superstars, no promotional stuff, absolutely nothing. I seriously think he has a sex tape of Vinnie Mac or something! When they sometimes call down the whole roster on the stage, does he appear there!?? I doubt it (Yoshi Tatsu does though).

  • Necro

    …….just don’t bring him back to WWE TV? Put him on superstars at best…but please no Raw or Smackdown.