Latest On WrestleMania Future Locations, WWE Helps March Of Dimes, SmackDown

WrestleMania I

– As reported, WWE is expected to announce the WrestleMania 31 location soon. They also may be announcing the location for WrestleMania 32 within the next month. WWE wants to announce WrestleMania locations several years in advance to help build the buzz how the NFL does with the Superbowl.

– WWE was among the groups that helped raise $1 million for the March of Dimes. Stephanie McMahon attended a March of Dimes charity event in New York City today.

– WWE posted the video below of the SmackDown introduction done WWE 2K14 style. It’s supposed to be airing on tonight’s episode.

(Partial source: PWInsider)

  • Graemerz83

    No David Otunga on that WWE2K14 video. he’s the one EVERYONE uses.