Latest On WWE Possibly Taking Christian Out Of The Chamber, WWE 30 Second Fury, Mick Foley

– WWE officials were still considering an angle to take Christian out of tonight’s Elimination Chamber main event but at last word, if they do that angle, it will not be to give a spot to Brock Lesnar. No word on who would get the spot if they take Christian out.

– Fans at Mick Foley’s comedy show in Minneapolis, Minnesota last night donated over $2,000 for the Pandora’s Project charity, which offers support and resources for survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

– WWE’s latest 30 Second Fury features past Elimination Chamber moments:

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  • cj

    I hate the way WWE treats Christian. I know he isn’t the most over guy ever but I think he deserves better. At least an IC or US title run. Can’t say it’s because he’s 40, cause there are many there older than him. I think he’s still good in ring.

    • mhshow21

      USA and IC title are made for young stars, go back and look the last few years, Cody Rhodes, wade Barrett, Ambrose, kofi, swagger, Cesaro, Ziggler, miz. It’s not made for 40 year superstars, christen is just getting old and keeps getting hurt, hard to push a guy when he is there 2 times a year, and heck they did give him a title shot this year. It’s time for people like the shield and Wyatt’s and the young guys to take over, I like christen but he is done

  • Raihan Khan

    r u fukkkkkkinnngggggggggggggggg kidddddingggggggggggggggggg meeeeeeeeeeeee?????????????????// christian!!!!!!!!!! i thght its his last chance and last main event and ur gonna take that away? why christian? do with cena (even though i am cena fan) cz cena doesnt need to main event, he is already a main event star but christian, dont do it man

  • Bryan Thomas

    I think it’s because of his tna stint. But vince has always thought that christian never had the right look

    • OrangesofDeath

      Vince, Triple H, and Michael Cole are a bunch of assholes, and the biggest bullies I’ve ever seen. Be A Star my ass. It pisses me off whenever I hear about Cole and Triple H making fun of Lilian Garcia and saying she looks like a horse. I mean, what the fuck is that? And Vince McMahon saying he doesn’t like Christian’s face? Vince looks like a troll you’d find under a bridge.

    • RVD4Life

      I think you’re right Bryan.. but I think this is a huge mistake. Christian is a solid performer who always shows up for specialty matches.. Even if his story lines suck (thank creative for that), He always puts on great matches. This is just another case of Vince playing favorites.

  • Bryan Thomas

    This is the jobbing position in the EC match. So they’ll most likely give it to sandow smfh

    • mhshow21

      Sandow should be in it over christen, sandow got screwed

      • Bryan Thomas

        True. But i’m not really in a hurry to see sandow get screwed again by getting eliminated 2 mins into the match. So just give the spot to miz lol

  • Big_Heat_34

    HHH: “Well, ya know Christian, it occurred to me that you were the only member of the Elimination Chamber match to not beat Randy Orton one-on-one. So that means you’re not worthy of your spot. We’ll put someone in there who has proven time and time again that he can beat Randy Orton…

    …Kofi Kingston.”

    • Bryan Thomas

      I hate seeing kingston in EC matches though.

  • James Humwood

    Like anyone thought Christian could win xD but still fu wwe for screwing Christian in what could be his last main event. I got 20 bucks saying Kane is added in

  • OrangesofDeath

    This is what happens when you only have 1 heavyweight championship. There’s no room for people like Christian, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan in 2011, or probably even CM Punk in 2009 to have the opportunity to carry the ball. Even if the WHC wasn’t as big a ball as the WWE Championship.

    It’s going to be the John Cena/Randy Orton/Batista show for a while. Possible Bryan too because of the tremendous response from the fans that even the WWE cant ignore.

    I feel like Christian might get the Kofi Kingston treatment and get taken out before he can even enter the Chamber.

  • Mark Charlie-Sheen Coburn

    Christian has been injured almost as much as Rey Mysterio….and even when he isn’t he’s not much of a draw. Even in TNA his popularity dwindled fairly quickly and he went back to the mid card. He’s not Edge, Edge had it. Christian is suitable to pad out a show with, he shouldn’t be anywhere near the main event unless he’s jobbing for a star