Latest On WWE’s Scooby Doo Movie, Otunga & Alicia Fox Video, Doane In School, AJ Lee

– WWE Superstars have finished most of the voiceovers for the WWE Studios Scooby Doo movie. Some talents may be brought back for more work if there are re-writes made. The plan is to release the movie in the Spring of 2014, before WrestleMania 30, with the idea that the Mystery Inc. crew goes to WrestleMania to solve a mystery that threatens the show going on.

– Former WWE star Ken “Dykstra” Doane is now enrolled in Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts. Doane is playing tight end for the school football team.

– WWE is asking fans what the Board of Directors should do with General Manager AJ Lee. Fans can tweet or Tout their responses with the hashtag #DearWWEBoard.

– Here is footage of David Otunga and Alicia Fox on WGN Monday morning: