Latest Reaction To CM Punk Leaving, How WWE Might Try To Counter Punk Chants In Chicago

CM Punk

After a week where the CM Punk talk has started to die down, people within WWE are looking ahead to the March 3rd RAW from Chicago. There is a lot of concern about how that show will play out. With The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan scheduled to return at the February 24th RAW, they could be brought to the Chicago RAW as a way to counter the Punk chants.

There was less concern this past week because while there were Punk chants at live events, they didn’t pick up or last that long. The feeling is that with nothing major happening with the Los Angeles crowd at RAW on Monday, it’s pretty much a done situation with the possible exception of Chicago.

Going into the Los Angeles RAW this week, officials feared fans would hijack the show and ruin the John Cena vs. Randy Orton main event. The idea was to bring Daniel Bryan out twice, including right before the main event, have him go over strong and get the chants out of the way.

There remains mixed feelings within the company regarding Punk’s status. Virtually nobody agrees with him when it comes to walking out 30 minutes before a live TV shoot. Many have sympathy for some of his concerns but they argue that Punk was legitimately the #2 guy in the company for a while. On a related note, it’s acknowledged that Punk was very popular but the belief is that he was not a ticket seller to live events and only on occasion was he a difference maker in pay-per-view business. At the same time, Punk was the #2 merchandise seller.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Mordecai

    WWE logic —

    crowd: ‘we want Punk, we want Punk’
    lights go off GONG, GONG
    crowd: ‘who’s Punk?’

    • OrangesofDeath

      I don’t think the logic is to forget who Punk is, just to not give a shit that he’s not there.

      And I don’t get why people are chanting his name at event anyway. It’s not like the WWE fired him or is keeping him off the show. He left. Write him on Twitter or something if you want him back. Or better yet, respect his decision to leave because you know it’s best for him mentally and physically.

      But whatever you do, just shut the fuck up. The chanters are starting to come off as assholes.

  • Chris Walker

    I’d laugh, if at the last minute everybody (or at least half of the people) decided not to even bother with attending the event.

  • Yoyo

    Debut someone called ‘CN Punt’ and just have Lawler pretend they’re chanting the new guys name all night. That’s the kind of thing Lawler does with most of the chants anyway…

    • OrangesofDeath

      That’s the type of thing they’re told to do in their headsets by Vince or Triple H.

    • Mordecai

      bring in this guy:

      • Yoyo

        Love it! Get on the phone to Vince and let him know the plan…

  • Hosep

    We need both crowds to chant “WE WANT STING” as loud as f-ing possible when Taker returns…maybe WWE will get the hint

  • James Humwood

    Ya good luck with that wwe lets see of that works hahaha also punk doesn’t sell tickets….>_> awfully lot of punk chants in the crowd for him not “selling” tickets

  • Adam Heatherly

    Why is john cena not champion