Latest Speculation On The Undertaker’s Return, Backstage News On WWE Using Managers, More

– The feeling at Monday’s RAW was that The Undertaker will be back on next week’s old school themed show. Some of the words used in CM Punk’s promo like being immortal, an icon and God are believed to be setting up the feud with Taker. (Photos pf Undertaker’s return)

– Speaking of Punk, he worked Monday’s excellent RAW main event against John Cena while sick. Punk and some other WWE stars picked up a bug while in the Middle East last week but Punk apparently caught it worse than others.

– The idea to bring in Dutch Mantel as Zeb Colter came from Vince McMahon and the WWE writing team. There has been a feeling that some guys just can’t talk to get themselves over and need managers who can talk for them. This was discussed a few months ago and at the time, Dutch and former WCW, ECW and TNA manager Jim Mitchell were brought up in WWE creative meetings. Dutch ended up being brought in for Jack Swagger and it’s said that Mitchell still could be used in the future.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Chris Wayne

    This is such a BAD idea for so many reasons. I love Taker, but the run is done. Let’s put The Streak up on the mantle, and let’s move on. More reasons why: