Latest Update On Kelly Kelly, Backstage News On John Cena’s Time Off, Today’s Birthdays

– Following her release Friday from WWE, Kelly Kelly changed her Twitter handle to @TheBarbieBlank. The former Divas Champion is now representing herself as Barbie Blank, with her official website located at She is now listed as an alumnus on, and her WWE-sanctioned Facebook page with over one million “Likes” has been deleted.

Blank is happy after parting ways with WWE. She noted celebrating with her boyfriend Friday evening via Twitter, with the hashtags “#lovinglife” and “#freedom.”

– Many in WWE believe that John Cena’s time off for his elbow surgery is the best thing that could have happened. Cena is said to be more beat up than people know and needed the time off to recover from the constant schedule. Cena keeps to what is likely the most non-stop, exhausting schedule of any WWE talent of the last ten years. That being said, most expect that he will compete at Hell in a Cell.

– In Saturday’s birthdays, David Sammartino turns 52-years-old while Yoshihiro Tajiri turns 42.