Latest Update On A Potential Buyer For TNA Impact Wrestling, Next TNA Impact Special

– Regarding TNA being for sale, is now reporting that there is indeed a person who has serious interest in TNA. This person is described as someone fans would know and someone that may surprise us. The party who is interested in buying TNA reportedly has money behind them and was described as intelligent. TNA doesn’t necessarily have a “for sale” sign up but they are listening to this potential buyer and others. There are also rumors that a major celebrity may be interested in purchasing TNA.

– TNA’s next Impact Wrestling special will be Turning Point on November 21st.

  • Bob


  • Ian

    Well ? What’s the point of this if your not going to tell us

  • Deana Ernst

    Everyone on jake the snake roberts facebook wants him and diamond dallas paige to buy tna lol. that would be awesome and have jake the snake roberts be the new general manger on tna.

  • Ruandy Torres

    they really need new people behind them.They’ll never beat Vince and his brain dead product but someone needs to produce quality wrestling product.