Latest Update On Austin Aries Possibly Signing With WWE

– You may remember former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries being backstage at WWE NXT TV tapings last year. There’s been a lot of speculation on Aries possibly coming in, especially after he didn’t work the recent TNA Impact Wrestling tapings.

Aries was in Pittsburgh, PA this week, according to PWInsider, and the belief is that he’s there to undergo the required pre-signing WWE medical tests.

For what it’s worth, some believed that Aries could debut for NXT earlier this month but that obviously didn’t happen. We’ve reached out for updates and will keep you posted on any information that becomes available.

  • Hulkamania

    Man… WWE is trying really hard to gut TNA inside out. Austin Aeries is second behind AJ Styles in terms of the best.

    • Billy Whitehorn

      Aries will give styles a match any day

    • Billy Whitehorn

      but neither has the size to deal with roman reigns, the big show, kane or any of the other following giants that WWE has

    • Rob

      That doesn’t really make sense, they aren’t going after their talent. WWE is signing free agents and guys leaving NWJP. Not WWE’s fault TNA doesn’t have the funds to match, or beat WWE’s offer.

  • Hulkamania

    Austin Aeries is the type of guy that the main roster can benefit from having right away. He already knows how the cameras work, he doesn’t need the PRE-WWE treatment. The only reason WWE does this is because we all know that, according to WWE logic, TNA stars are not good enough for the main roster.

    • Arvind

      No such thing. Triple H knows they’re much better off at NXT where they get treated better and get to have the matches that they want.

  • Big Catt

    It’s official #AriesinNXT