Latest Update On CM Punk’s Status With WWE

There was talk at this past weekend’s WWE live events that CM Punk was given his official release from WWE on Friday, according to PWInsider.

WWE has not confirmed the release at this time, and as of today (Monday), Punk is still shown on the Superstars page of the official WWE website.

Additionally, PWInsider notes people that have spoken to Punk recently have stated that Punk has said he is “done.”

Latest Update On Reports Of WWE Granting CM Punk His Release

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  • James Humwood

    I thought it was rumored that he was coming back in Chicago next week

    • josh

      it still is “rumored” lol

  • Crazy Bill

    Well James, that’s why they are called “rumors” and “dirtsheets” They post about everything, knowing something will probably stick and they’ll be praised for being right all along.

    Now, this isn’t a dig on PW Mania, I like the site, but I don’t take anything as gospel like some do.

  • josh

    Everything continues to suck! THANKS CM PUNK!

  • James Humwood

    Well I guess that goes to show I shouldn’t trust sites “sources”

  • Bryan Thomas

    I think him leaving is a burial to alot of the newer guys per se. No one else is probably going to speak up in the locker room now

    • James Humwood

      That’s a good point punk is the voice of the voiceless after all and I do remember it saying somewhere that the superstars were bummed that he left cuz he spoke up for them also it’s likely the shield saying stuff about him isn’t there true feelings but wwe whispering in there ear

      • H.P. Loveshaft

        “That’s a good point punk is the voice of the voiceless after all…”

        No. Punk is the voice of Punk. And only Punk. It’s the only person he cares about. He obviously doesn’t care about the fans who bought WrestleMania tickets in advance to see him. He obviously doesn’t care about how hard of a worker Kane is while he turned his back on that angle. He obviously doesn’t care about under-card talent as he has never really done a damn thing in two years to put over anyone but himself or part-time legends.

        Sure…according to The Legend of Punk, the guy has so much pull that he can demand and get a “shoot” interview on live tv and be handed a top spot…yet he can’t tell management, “Hey, how about I put over a hard-working talent like Bryan, Cesaro, or Kidd?”

        • Luke

          Excellent points. Punk is an amazing wrestler and generous in-ring performer but he does seem to hate the fact that he’s not the man.

  • Todd Farabee

    if cm punk is done. i’m going to be sad

  • George Solorio

    gives a ton of more chances for other guys to step up. I see cesaro, langston, DB, reigns big time pushes. a lot of opportunity there.

    • Clay Keithstone Merritt

      If you think Cesaro is going to get a big push, you’re going to have a bad time. Big E will because he’s buds with Cena, DB will because he’s incredibly over, and Reigns is the next face of WWE. Cesaro will amount to nothing besides the mid-card. I really hope I’m wrong, but that’s just how I see it.

      • Luke

        You are very wrong. Cesaro is money. Why would they have him beat Randy Orton if not for a purpose?

        • George Solorio

          cesaro is one of those badasses thats gonna get superover without any help you can see it.. he doesnt try hard to get noticed he does his thing and people are gonna get beside him.

          • Mordecai

            without any help? ummm, next week he’s in elimination chamber match, then works the RAW and Smackdown tapings, then is the only main roster to work the NXT Live Network event. 4 events in one week is a lot of help to get exposure.

          • George Solorio

            HELP as in getting pushed down our throats how WWE usually does it. They are there to compete so of course theyre getting booked alot. Help as in he’s gonna get so hot before anyone realizes it. Slow… Slow build into getting way over. AND OF COURSE He puts on an amazing match with CENA yesterday making casual fans go apeshit for him.

            Sorry thats a lot of info to spew

        • Clay Keithstone Merritt

          Sure, Cesaro beating Orton was fun but its just throwing us off to think Orton isn’t winning at Elimination Chamber. Orton will retain at Elimination Chamber and that one win would have all been for nothing.

  • Eric Bowers

    The WWE had alot to do with Punk leave cause will Batista coming back and they a looking give Daniel Bryan more attention, Punk had a good reason to leave cause he the type of person that if he feels that its his time to go. I think he made the right choice in leaving, but at the same time it doesn’t seem that the WWE front office did much to keep him so that sin is on them for holding back a great talent like CM Punk. No one could hype a match better than he could. I hope to see Punk back in the WWE someday or he goes back to ROH

    • Clay Keithstone Merritt

      If Punk is done wrestling, he’s done. He won’t return to ROH or TNA or New Japan. He’s not a lifer. Most other guys his age are. They’ll get released from WWE and work ROH or the indies or Japan and then eventually make it to TNA.

  • H.P. Loveshaft

    It’s like the allegedly anonymous superstar said, Punk was jealous of Bryan.

    Face it, Punk was pushed because adults can be every bit as foolish marks as children. Cena says “I’m the sort of champion the corporation doesn’t want!” and simple-minded kids believe it (in spite of the fact that the corporation MADE him the champion). Likewise, when Punk says, “I’m the sort of champion the corporation doesn’t want!” we get simple-minded ADULTS who actually believe it to be true (again, in spite of corporate scripting Punk to be champ).

    So, after the Royal Rumble and the smark-tard reaction for Bryan, Punk realized he lost his base. There was no way he could rally the sheep in the IWC to his cause because they sheep all followed Bryan now. Punk knew that with Bryan capturing the hearts and minds of the IWC herd, he would never get the fan support he needed to try and convince Vince to give him the WrestleMania main event. He, like the whiny, self-entitled primadonna that he is, Punk stormed out.

    • RVD4Life

      couldn’t of put it better myself… I’m glad to see him go

  • xnyer

    Not good for business………………

  • cj

    As much as I’d like to believe this is legit, I’m still 50/50 with it being a work. My reasons for that are:
    1. During live events, the Shield are allowed to cut promos about CM Punks absence when WWE themselves won’t publicly comment on or acknowledge the situation and we all know that CM has no problem letting his story be heard (makes me think they’re playing their part in the work)
    2. I read (could be wrong) that AJ was given the weekend off so she could visit punk, which is why she wasn’t at RAW tonight. (if Punk walked out on WWE, why would they care to allow AJ time off to see him)
    3. Punks consistently nagging injuries, sometimes I think he was given time off to really heal as much as he can. So they created the dramatic story of him making a fuss and walking because it plays right into who his character really is and he’ll make rhat long awaited return.

    Idk That’s just my opinion tho, maybe we’ll see for sure in July when his deal expires what do you guys think?

    • RVD4Life

      if it was a work, they would’ve mentioned him by now. They would of put focus on Punk walking out. The fact that they haven’t mentioned him at all is 100% proof that this is no work, and that Punk really is a prima donna