Latest Update On Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards Heading To WWE has been covering how Ring of Honor stars Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards were on WWE’s radar after attending a recent tryout camp. Richards has been working in the UK for about a month now and at a Preston City Wrestling show yesterday, he teased going to WWE in a post-match promo.

Richards said there has been a lot of speculation about where he and Edwards will be going next but for legal reasons, he couldn’t talk about it. He added that if this tour of the UK was his last tour there, he’d gone out on a high note. He thanked everyone for their support and mentioned that wherever he and Eddie go, there will be fireworks.

Richards never said WWE by name but clearly implied it, according to fans in attendance.


  • Jay Ciaravino

    Doesn’t WWE have enough talent that they have no idea what to do with? Why would you bring these guys in right now, unless you are looking to stall their careers? Figure out what to do with the talent you already have first.