Latest Update On Reports Of Sting Signing A Deal With WWE

As reported, RF Video’s Rob Feinstein mentioned on Facebook that Sting has signed a deal with WWE within the last 24 hours. Since then, Feinstein has provided another update on the matter. Here posted the following entry on Facebook:

“I got a million emails over the day and wanted to wait before I said anything more on the Sting situation. I see that my FB post has been all over websites today and I will stand by my story as the person who told me has never lied to me and is a good source. As I stated earlier today I do not think Sting will face Undertaker at Mania. I am certain that Taker is going to face Brock at mania and I know a little bit more but I don’t want everyone yelling at me for spoilers. Trust me Mania is going to be really good this year if it’s true what I have been told. Everything changes in this business so there is nothing that you should go out and bet your house on. I still think that Sting will not be at Mania and will be on Raw the following night and be tied into the Network. I guess we will all have to wait and see but I also think WWE will def tease Sting up until that weekend but again I think he will debut on Raw and only wrestle a certain huber of dates and maybe one MAJOR match at Mania in CA in 2015 and be part of the HOF.”

  • Kyle

    Sting should face Taker this Mania, and lose. Then, He should face Taker at Summerslam and either win, or have a disputed finish. Then have Sting end the streak at Mania 31. In between that, have him do acouple programs with younger talent. Make him finally going to your company really mean something. Honestly though, I’d be happy with a proper career DVD set, and game inclusions.

    • Morogth Xavier

      Under no circumstances should Sting end the streak. If anyone was to end the streak it should have been someone like CM Punk or Randy Orton. Punk and Orton are in the prime of their careers, and were equally so when they fought the Undertaker at WrestleMania, so a win like that would be a massive boost to their careers. Sting, by contrast, is coming toward the end of his in-ring career, and little to nothing will be gained by anyone involved if he were to end the streak.

      • James Humwood

        no no no the streak should never go down but if it did it should be to someone like cesaro or reigns or some other up and comer…btw once i saw ortons name maded me laugh XD no way should he even be a consideration for breaking it after all he already tried once and cm punk well he isnt with wwe anymore

        • Morogth Xavier

          Yeah, I found out about Punk about an hour after I wrote this, but I was referring to his match at WM29. And as for Orton, again I was referring to his actual WM match with ‘Taker when he had promise and wasn’t perceived as blowing HHH quite so much. Reigns isn’t ready yet but with the right booking over the next year (assuming WM30 isn’t ‘Taker’s last) I agree that he could be a real threat to the streak. As long as they don’t simply turn him into another bland musclehead.

  • nbdynprtcular

    Why are there so many people wanting the streak ended? Hasn’t Taker done enough to deserve retiring with the streak intact?

    • Austin Shaw

      Also, why would anyone want someone who was so anti WWE, always in competition against the WWE, to beat the streak? False fans…

    • SmarterThanYou

      Because the streak is a storyline and all storylines need finished eventually

  • James Humwood

    what they got to do is have sting vs taker at summerslam have sting win and then at wrestlmania 31 have the rematch ethier way no matter what the streak has to stay intact UNLESS undertaker decides its ok then i’d be fine with it but only if its to put over a great up and comer cesaro *cough*

  • Anthony Winston

    I would’ve loved to see this match like 10-20 years ago….

  • Michael Savage

    wow that would be great if they would have signed him about ten years ago sting is to old right now

  • Michael Savage

    the WWE just lost there best wrestler in CM PUNK when he Quit that was it I don’t think Sting is going to bring any thing but trouble I would have like to see them sign Aj styles or Kevin Steen