Latest Update On Reports Of WWE Granting CM Punk His Release

CM Punk has not been released from World Wrestling Entertainment, according to a statement issued from WWE.

Regarding the earlier report via PWInsider, talk within WWE was the company granted CM Punk his release this past Friday and sources close to the situation said he was “done.” Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE is officially stating that Punk has not been released.

Another person in the company also contacted them and said the report was incorrect.

This would be the first time that WWE has responded to inquires about Punk.

Photos: CM Punk Spotted With WWE Diva AJ Lee At Airport

  • James Humwood

    I kinda figured he wasn’t released because vince wants him back really bad

    • luke1992

      $100 down hes there on raw after ppv

      • OrangesofDeath

        I just hope Punk and the WWE come to some sort of agreement that gives Punk well deserved time off, but still keeps him in the WWE.

        • luke1992

          but remember he walked out at one stage with title then was back might be different in this instace

          • James Tebrucio Luna

            uh yeah that was a story this is real life…

          • Luke

            It’s awesome that you know that for sure. What’s it like to work for WWE?

          • James Tebrucio Luna

            lol did you honestly think WWE would let him take

            their property knowing he would not come back? besides he didn’t leave the story was his contract ended that day and was unsure if he would resign.

          • Luke

            No no, I know the last time was a work. What makes you think this isn’t one too? WWE has been going increasingly meta and Punk has some creative control over his storylines. This could just be an intricate way of giving Punk some time off.

          • James Tebrucio Luna

            it’s too elaborate IMHO though i do agree it could just be another work just there’s no mentions of him, him being removed from advertising, the video of lawler and cole saying “How About Go Away” before raw aired last week and such but after some thought i think it is a work and here is why: 1. AJ Told not to answer questions Related to the punk situation and Colt Cabana I believe wouldn’t spoil something one of his best friends is involved in 2. He is Still Advertised here in Austin Texas for March. 3. The Last Work he did involved his contract expiring in wait for it… July. but even if it’s a work then he misses out on mania so theres another reason i couldn’t be… I don’t know man I hope it’s a work he is one of the reasons i want to get in to this business…

      • Mario Cardone

        If I knew you in RL, I’d take that bet.

        • luke1992

          LOL its so easy to guess that he will be there its his home town ha