Latest Update On Ric Flair & TNA Wrestling; Major Issues

As noted earlier today here on, Ric Flair and TNA are at a major impasse and there is a ton of heat on Flair for his conduct outside of the ring. One source described it as “being at the point it’s not worth keeping Flair around.”

There have been a number of incidents with Flair at local establishments in Orlando since he joined TNA. Flair was reportedly banned from drinking at the Hard Rock Cafe at Citiwalk due to an incident. There also have been many stories about Flair not being able to cover bar tabs and company management getting calls from hotel or bar management seeking payment. Something similar recently happened at a hotel TNA has a good relationship with and that was said to be the final tipping point. Flair was pulled from live events and TV tapings after that incident.

Several people in the company have been against using him as a regular since he came to TNA, noting that while he carries a high price tag, he hasn’t drew money or ratings for TNA.

Spike TV sources also report that there have been a number of requests from the network for TNA to keep Flair dressed and not have him “near nude” and bleeding at his age on TV.

Word going around over the weekend was that Flair is done with TNA but that’s not confirmed yet.