Latest Update On The Current WWE vs. TNA Lawsuit

As previously reported, WWE and TNA had a court hearing on June 28th with WWE requesting to have some of the language changed in the dissolution of TNA’s temporary restraining order against WWE. WWE argued that some of the language, taken from a proposed draft written by TNA, could come back to hurt WWE’s legal arguments in the future. The court ruled on July 3rd in WWE’s favor, declaring:

* The June 8th order against WWE has been dissolved.

* No temporary injunction against WWE is needed at present.

* There is no need to expedite discovery. WWE and TNA will decide upon discovery in order to both make it work within their respective scheduling.

* WWE will immediately contact TNA if Brian Wittenstein provides the company with additional confidential information on TNA.

* There is no immediate danger of WWE causing irreparable harm to TNA.

The next hearing will take place in Nashville on July 13th.