Latest WWE Network Statement, NXT Airing On Hulu Update, WWE Pays Tribute To Big Daddy V

– Most of the WWE Network on demand streaming issues appear to be cleared up. Here is the latest statement from WWE Network on their issues, sent out Wednesday night:

“We are doing maintenance in order to deliver you a better experience when playing video on demand. During this process, you may experience errors when trying to watch video on demand over the next few hours. We expect this to be resolved by tomorrow morning. The live “OnNow” channel will not be effected. We invite you to enjoy watching video on demand on other devices including desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.”

– Many fans were wondering why there was no new WWE NXT episode added to Hulu on Wednesday. However, the site notes that episodes will now be added on Thursday. As of this writing, the new episode has not been added yet but most likely will this afternoon. NXT begins airing on the WWE Network every Thursday at 9pm EST beginning March 6th.

– Wednesday night’s episode of WWE Main Event opened up with a graphic for the late Nelson “Big Daddy V” Frazier.

  • Joshua Williams

    He gets a graphic on Main Event but not RAW? The guy was King of the Ring FFS. What a joke.

  • RVD4Life

    Just a note here, The triple threat hardcore match between Chris Benoit vs DDP vs Raven from WCW Uncensored has been completely edited out. I watched that PPV specifically for that match and it is simply not there.. Thanks a lot Vince

    • Dime

      Might want to look again… it is there. So is the match at WM 20, and Backlash. Maybe you watched the wrong one?

      • RVD4Life

        you’re correct.. watching on PC they give you a blip on the timeline for each match, and all his matches have no blips, but they are there.. just have to fast forward manually to his matches.. sorry for the confusion