Lawsuit Against WWE, 30 Second Fury Five Star Frog Splash Video, Ezekiel Jackson Update

– WWE has been served in the lawsuit brought against them by the Figures Toy company, which alleges WWE illegally severed their licensing deal to produce and sell replica championship belts in order to cut a new deal with Figures’ manufacturer in Hong Kong and cut Figures out of the very product they came to WWE to create. WWE has until September 24th to respond to the lawsuit.

– In an update on the whereabouts of Ezekiel Jackson, the self-proclaimed “Personification of Domination” is currently sidelined due to a muscle tear. The 35-year-old has not appeared on television since July of last year, although he has competed in one match (at Wrestlemania Axxess on April 4, 2013 alongside Yoshi Tatsu in a victory over Hunico and Camacho). On Twitter, Jackson frequently mentions he’ll return “soon.”

– Embedded below is 30 Second Fury – Five Star Frog Splash!