Leading Candidate For 2015 WWE Hall Of Fame, Backstage Talk On Curtis Axel

– The Rock is said to be the leading candidate for the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame in California. It’s more up to Rock, if he wants it, and how his schedule goes.

– Regarding the Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Curtis Axel and Ryback match for the Elimination Chamber Kickoff pre-show, it’s been noted within WWE that Axel, being from the Minneapolis area and being from the well-known Hennig family, could get a babyface reaction.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Bryan Thomas

    Oh thought that were going to make plans to push him. Booooo.. of course he’ll get a babyface reaction. The last time they were there, he got a babyface reaction. Damn i just wish he had some sort of charisma. Maybe he does and we just don’t know it. But damn

    • James Humwood

      lol when I frist read that I thought you were tlking about rock for some reason but anyways what you said is true I wish he had some charisma I want him to succeed hes good in ring but hes got a meh personality

  • James Humwood

    I hate the rock now days because he shows up then leaves as quick as he shows up…but on the other hand I loved the rock back in his prime and think he totally deserves the HOF but you just know they are gonna push the hell out of it and it will overshadow the other HOF entrants

    • Ashlee Law

      Ummm if the rock is the headliner for the HOF next year that’s how it should be…

  • 315fedowl

    Well at least if he’s in the HOF they won’t have win win the WWE World Title and headline WrestleMania again.

    • Roberto Bayrón-Adames