Leaked WWE Memo Reveals Orders From Vince McMahon, Stephanie & Kevin Dunn

An internal WWE memo from a few years back recently leaked and stated a few things of interest:

* Vince McMahon no longer wants “Granddaddy of them all” using to describe WrestleMania because he feels it makes WrestleMania feel old and dated.

* Nobody can use the phrase “choke” for a submission move. Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate move was named Triangle submission hold.

* Producer Kevin Dunn stated that announcers can no longer use the phrase “title changes hands.”

* Vince banned the use of terms “five star match” and “match of the year.” As part of the memo banning those terms, Vince also wanted all announcers to “stop reading the dirt sheets” with the idea that it influences what they say.

* Stephanie McMahon sent a memo for announcers to never use the phrase “the referee didn’t see it” when a heel is doing something behind the referees back. She wrote that it makes it seem like the announcers are treating the fans like they are in grade school. Stephanie prefers “the referee’s vision was impaired” or “the referee’s vision was blocked.” Also, never use the word “hatred” or “hate” when describing a feud and the announcers should never say a talent doesn’t care about winning a match.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • MarcD127

    So they don’t want the audience to feel like they are in grade school but then they show us how to download an app on a smartphone every week? Makes sense.

    • HipsterDemographic

      five star comment

  • Jesse Bognanno

    yet most of this still exist

  • Roman

    I so miss the “GrandDaddy of them all”

  • http://crookedninja.com/ Cody Mix

    I think they may be spending a bit too much time micromanaging trivial things and not enough on their overall product. NO ONE will care that they say “the ref didn’t see it”.

  • A Fat Hair Cow

    So, in other words you’re not watching a wrestling show you’re watching a reality tv soap drama.. WOW! Was they on drugs at that time or something cause damn.. I lost 100% respect for them now.. Thanks for this..

  • Ruandy Torres

    Vince should read the “dirt sheet” they often have better creative ideas than the WWE creative do.