Legendary Indian Wrestler Passes Away, Duggan Slams Vince Russo

– India’s legendary professional wrestler, Dara Singh passed away Thursday morning at the age of 83 due to cardiac arrest.

Singh wrestled internationally from the 1940’s through 1983, and announced his retirement. He went on to have a successful movie career in India, and was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame in 1996.

William Regal commented on Singh’s passing on Twitter.

“Very sad indeed to hear of the passing of the legendary Wrestler Dara Singh.I wrestled for him in India in 1992.A truly elegant gentleman.”

Jim Ross also commented on his passing.

“Legit legend. Big rival of Lou Thesz. RIP.”

– “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan recently spoke on his feelings towards Vince Russo in an interview with Steven Muehlhausen.

“Egomaniac. I think he took a lot of credit for turning WWE around,” said Duggan. “That’s how he got into WCW. Like he had saved the WWE from WCW. You know WWE is a lot like Mid-South was. You know Bill Watts would Ernie Ladd, Bill Dundee and 3 or 4 other guys give him ideas. But, Bill Watts would make the final decision. Same with Vince McMahon, he makes the decisions up there. Russo was just one of the guys that gave him ideas to turn that company around. Of course him coming down to WCW and that’s what I don’t understand. If a guy takes WCW with unimaginable resources and flushes that down the toilet, why would someone at TNA give him the reigns down there? That doesn’t make any sense.”