Linda McMahon Spends Over 42 Million In Senatorial Race

Linda McMahon has reportedly spent $42.6 million on her bid for the US Senate. Seriously. Documents filed with the Senate revealed McMahon’s expenditures, which are approaching the $50 million she spent during her 2010 run. McMahon had said after her first campaign that she wouldn’t spend nearly as much on a second campaign due to increased awareness of her, but campaign manager Corey Bliss argued that she’s competing with super PACS and the national Democratic party who are helping Chris Murphy in his campaign.

“The facts are, Congressman Murphy and his special interest friends, they’re spending tens and tens of millions of dollars,” said Bliss to Newsday. “They’re distorting Linda McMahon’s record and trying to buy this election and we’re not going to let Congressman Murphy buy this Senate seat.”

Michael’s Musings: For that kind of money, The McMahon’s could have given their current active performers health insurance for about 3 years.

  • Knitemare

    LOL what a joke.. Why not donate it to charity??