Little Guido Puts Over Paul Heyman, Talks On ECW, Cruiserweights

Jack E. Jones sent this recap of an interview conducted with Little Guido prior to this past weekend’s Extreme Rising events:

Hosts Jack E. Jones and One Inch Biceps welcomed Full Blooded Italians (F.B.I.) member Little Guido to IYH Wrestling Radio. This interview was fast paced and hit upon the following topics:

Paul Heyman and ECW – Guido put over Heyman for showcasing a lot of the smaller guys (cruiserweights) at a time when the WWF was the world of giants. Guido said that guys like himself, Mikey Whipwreck, Rey Mysterio, Super Crazy, and Psychosis might not have had an opportunity in professional wrestling had it not been for ECW. Guido said that ECW was like a farm league in that it gave indy wrestlers a chance to learn to work programs and work in front of a crowd who knew who they were. He added that one of the reasons that ECW became so popular is that not only did they put on fast-paced matches but they did a great job of telling a story.

Extreme Rising – Guido says that Extreme Rising can become like the old ECW in that it is a developmental organization where indy wresters can make a name for themselves. He mentioned that he and Tony Mamaluke as the F.B.I. would be wrestling the Dramatics at the June 30th show in Philadelphia and said they better be ready to go because he and Tony would be ready to go. Guido talked about the hardcore fans and said they would be respectful of the newer guys in the promotion but it they didn’t produce the crowd would turn on them.

Ring Ka King – Guido talked about his time in Ring Ka King and how the fans in India were totally different from the hardcore fans in this country in that the fans there were treated to something new and as such they were excited and very appreciative of the action.

Extreme Reunion – Guido talked about some of the guys who came to Extreme Reunion in no condition to perform, and he said that just like in any other job you need to come to work ready to work. He said he hopes everyone has their act together for the upcoming shows and they save any extracurricular activities for after the show. He talked about the F.B.I.’s match against the bWo at Extreme Reunion, and said that the match may have been a little comical but that is what the fans wanted. Guido says he likes doing the comical stuff because it helps to keep your character fresh by being able to wrestle both a comical and a serious style.

How did he get started in ECW? – Guido said the first group he ever wrestled for was International World Class Championship Wrestling (IWCCW) in 1991 and he worked with guys like Taz, Tommy Dreamer, and Chris Candido. He then worked in Japan for several years and came back to this country in the 1995/1996 time frame when ECW was starting to take off. He was able to get into ECW thanks in part to his friends from IWCCW who were now in ECW, but he pointed out that once he was there he proved himself and took advantage of the opportunity he was given.