Live Fan Report From Last Night’s Money In The Bank PPV

Thankd to K8E for sending this in:

I was in attendance at MITB last night and hands down it was the best PPV I have ever attended. I have been to WM 13 & 22, numerous WCW PPV’s but this one tops them all.

The crowd was so electric and LOUD it was unreal. What I thought was very interesting was during John Cena’s intro the crowd was giving him so much heat they literally turned up his music. I’m not sure if it was the WWE trying to drown out all of the boos or not. But I have never heard this happen before. At least in any of the shows I went to.

There must be something about the great Windy City and what wrestlers they love. Seems like if you’re a heel they love you and if you’re a face they are gonna give it to you. I was a little shocked when the crowd was booing Randy Orton during the match and Rey Mysterio caught a lot of heat too.

All in all GREAT show. Glad I spent the money on it.