Live Fan Report From Monday’s WWE RAW; More Off-Air Notes

Thanks to John Permaul for sending this in:

After RAW went off the air, Big Show did come back to the ring and he and Cena fought. After Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Big Show, Big Show left the ring and then walked up the entrance way. He then delivered 2 big slaps to John Laurinaitis’ chest. However, after the crowd started to chant for a third one, the Big Show went to do a third one, but then blew off the fans and left. So he never did a third big slap to his chest. After that John Cena brought out Zack Ryder and he delivered the Browski Boot.

Next, Triple H came out and mentioned how Big Johnny’s chest was red, but not his back. Triple H held Laurinatis in place and then Cena and Ryder both took turns slapping him in the back. After HHH gave him the pedigree, HHH let the camera man show all the red marks all over Big Johnny’s body, and then the three of them left.

On the entrance way HHH, Cena, and Ryder all fist-pumped on the entrance way. Justin Roberts did not lead any “Na na na na” singing, which was incorrectly reported. Laurinaitis then made his way up the entrance.

When at the top, Vince McMahon’s music DID NOT play, and he just came out and pretty much directed the crowd to clap one last time for John Laurinaitis. When Big Johnny turned around to face the crowd one last time, Vince McMahon then kicked Laurinaitis in the left ass check (Vince gave the final ass kick of the night). Then Justin Roberts thanked the fans for coming and to drive home safe.