Live Fan Report From WWE Payback PPV; Off Air News & Notes, More

Thanks to Adam Dziubczynski for passing this along:

Just got home from Payback. Feel free to post my thoughts, if you want. I had ringside seats. The atmosphere was phenomenal. Once Curtis Axel attempted the Perfect Plex, that sealed the deal for him being “over”, as far as Chicago was concerned. That match was excellent from start to finish, and the crowd was really into it. The crowd was in love with AJ, so Kaitlyn had no chance of winning us over. Huge pop when she won the title. Ambrose and Kane was probably the slowest match of the night. The Shield is over huge, but it was hard to “boo” the legend, Kane. Ziggler is WAY over. ADR is not. Booed out of the building when he showed any offense. And after the match was over, he came back out and addressed the crowd, asking us to support him as he is now our WHC. Booed mercilessly. When they showed that promo for RVD, the crowd came unglued!! Can’t wait to see him next month. Welcome home, CM Punk was welcomed home, and Jericho was not. However, there were scattered Jericho supporters in the crowd, as let’s face it, he’s Chris Jericho and everyone loves him. But not against the hometown hero. It was a close call for a second, and Punk winning was seriously in doubt, especially with the Codebreaker when Punk came off the top. The seeds were planted for Heyman to split with Punk, especially after the match when Punk told Paul “I’m the best in the world. I can do this by myself”, referring to when Heyman came up the stairs and stopped the ref from asking Jericho to submit. Daniel Bryan just may be the most over guy in the company (next to Punk). The crowd was so hot for him and Orton. The 3 Stages of Hell match was well received with a lot of Holy Shit and This is Awesome chants breaking out. Cena’s finisher of AA’ing Ryback through the ambulance was just as cool in person as it came across on tv. Nothing happened when the cameras stopped rolling. Awesome show! Hope it came across that way on tv!