Live Fan Report From WWE Survivor Series

PWMania reader Brian sent in the following report:

I attended Survivor Series in Miami; and I must say, I was very disappointed. I was 4th row, center of ring, facing camera. I don’t know if it was the card, or the lack of “big” name stars, but I felt this was a below-average PPV. I was definately hoping for more.

Anyways, here are the “dark notes”, and observations from inside the arena.

R-Truth (with Eve) beat Zack Ryder via pin. R-Truth celebrated with his “old” ring music. Weirdest spot of the night; David Arquette was introduced as “A Former WCW Champion” in a suit and tie. He proceeded to stand on the announcer table and demand applause. He was then escorted from ringside. This was prior to the announcers coming out from the back.

The crowd was hot after the opening, and the pyro. Good to see that Daniel Bryan got a decent amount of time for a match. Miz was 50/50 over with the crowd on his intro. Once he started to “bash” Miami, he was boo’d entirely. During his promo, the lights cut out, but he did a good job of keeping his spot going. I found out later that WWE was having some “technical difficulties” during this time, and it wasn’t the only time it had happened.

Morrison was WAY over with the crowd, and I hope this can catapult him to “Main Event” staus. He has the potential, and just needs “management” to believe in him.

Most people were more interested in heckling Vicki than the IC match. A few pops for Kaval, and the ending was lame. Everyone saw the hold on the tights. Just another way for WWE to continue this fued.

Traditional Survivor Series match had some of the best spots of the night. MVP, being from Miami, was the most over. Most fans were disappointed when he was eliminated first. Something a lot of people didn’t realize live in the arena; Alberto Del Rio was never pinned. He was helped to the back after being “punched” by Big Show. We were waiting for Del Rio to return at the end of the match, but never did. Mysterio and Big Show make a good tag-team.

Diva’s match=bathroom break. Good to see Beth Phoenix return and be a “face”. I saw her in Tampa Friday night, and she has recovered very well from her injury. I will be interested NOW to see how WWE goes forward with the Diva’s title. There is the potential to tell a good story.

World Heavyweight Championship match: I am biased in this match as I know Edge (Adam), and only want to see him as the Champion. So take my view on the match at face value. Edge, right now is way over as a “face”. Only cheers from the crowd. A lot of people around me were disappointed not to see Paul Bearer. (I will say, as a life long fan of WWE, it was disappointing not to see Paul, since he has come back to WWE, and I appreciate all his character has helped the WWE.) Everyone cheered when they thought Edge won, and his music played. But boo’d when the result was announced. This was a terrible finish, and the post match beat down of Kane DID NOT help. Everyone wanted a clear-cut winner, and were very disappointed.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Easy to call, Nexus=boo’d, Santino=cheered. Kozlov was an after thought. Just a time filler match, and no one cared about it. I HOPE the WWE starts to put some EFFORT into the Tag Team division; otherwise, it will soon be a lost cause.

WWE Championship: 80/20 cheers/boos for Cena. Orton is still over with the fans as a “face”. All fans ringside were expecting to see Barrett win, and then The Miz or HHH make an appearance. We all were surprised to see Orton win cleanly. After Cena handed Orton the belt, Cena made his way into the crowd and went around ringside to “thank” the crowd. Â He hugged all of the announcers, some ring side crew, and “the sign guy”. He made it seem like it was his last night in WWE, but I think everyone knows it is not. He might get a few weeks off, but right now he is the main draw for WWE. I’m sure there will be some stipulation thrown out on Raw, and he will easily be back on Raw.

Like I said, I was hoping to see HHH return, or a major swerve with the Miz. I’m still hoping for MORE from WWE and hope they build a better product in the future. I have ringside tickets for WrestleMania, so I’m only HOPING for a better PPV than this one. The take home chair with Wade Barrett on it is definately not worth the extra money.