Live News & Notes From This Week’s WWE Raw

Thanks to reader Geoffrey for sending in the following:

Tonight’s Raw dark match in Calgary:
Fatal Four-way for the WWE Championship:
Wade Barrett vs John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus; Bret the Hitman Hart was the special guest enforcer.

Barrett out first, gets the mic and tells the crowd that due to Cena’s horrible attitude tonight, he has withdrawn him from the match. Sheamus out second, Orton out last.

Was a fairly even match, everybody spent some time on the floor after having been thrown out of the ring at some point. End comes when Orton RKOs Sheamus for the pin while Barrett was MIA on the floor. As soon as Orton gets the win to retain (shocker!), the rest of Nexus hits the ring and starts the beatdown on Orton. Bret gets in the rink and throws out Otunga while Orton recovers enough to throw out Gabriel. Orton beats on the now alone Slater and gets ready to RKO him. He then stops, asks the audience (off mic) if they would like to see Hart “put this motherf&@#er in a sharpshooter,” and backs off while Hart does so. Much tapping out by the poor Slater.

Orton then poses with the belt for a bit, and heads to the back so Bret can celebrate some more. Bret does a full circle of the ring shaking hands and doing pictures, Roberts thanks us for coming, and says they all hope to be back in the near future.

Biggest pop was obviously for Bret. Natalya got a massive cheer when she put Fox in the sharpshooter and got the win. I would say the crowd was about 70/30 pro-Cena, and pretty much all adored Orton. Biggest heat was Vickie, as usual – there were certainly times when we couldn’t hear what she was saying, the boos were so loud. Second deck was about 1/3rd tarped off, but everything else was extremely close to (if not a) legit sellout.

Overall it was a good show – not as good as last year, but for a go home show to a PPV I was impressed with it. Getting to see the entire WWE roster (short of Kane and the Undertaker) was definitely an added bonus.