Live News & Notes From This Week’s WWE Raw

Thanks to Matt Sasges for sending this in:

Dark Match was Chris Masters vs. Drew McIntyre, with Drew getting the victory, then went on a rant on the stick saying how he hated America and no backs him, He said to now call him “The American Nightmare”, very amusing promo.

Dark Main Event was Cena vs. Miz, with the start of it coming when Miz came out following the close of RAW. Miz got on the stick and demanded A-Ri come out to ringside.(note: Cena was sitting with Lawler at the commentary table following the RAW main event.) Cue the GM. Cena reads the e-mail, informing Cena that the Omaha audience and the Miz won’t experience A-Ri whooping Miz’s “butt” for a 3rd time. Cena entered the ring and informed Miz he would be in action tonight…..against Cena. Cena performed the “5 moves of DOOOOOOM.”(I literally counted them, laughing the whole time) 1 2 3. Sent the women and kids home happy.

Biggest Pops:
Alex Riley

Honorable mention: Santino and Koslov during the superstars match


Honorable mention: McIntyre during his post match promo