Live News & Notes From This Week’s WWE Smackdown Taping

Published On 11/10/2010 | By Staff | News reader Joe Craven for sent in the following report:

* Lot less people in attendance than RAW. Heard talk that people had their seats upgraded after tickets were not sold, all top tier was curtained off when it was full for RAW.

* Mason Ryan got a decent reaction as per a brit in England but was quite a lot of boos and it was not surprising Chavo got a good reaction as the Aniversary of Eddies death is this Saturday

* Crowd went mad for McIntyre and were clearly for the Scot, he possibly got one of the best reactions of the night and the match between him and Kaval was pretty good.

* Divas NXT was nothing special, same old boring stuff. Crowd was dead even little kids and even Vickie barely got a reaction.

* Edge got a good reaction when he first came out and Nexus got a lot of heel heat but me and some others made some noise.

* Boo’s during Cena commercials.

* Natalya got a strong reaction and Layla got some good heat.

* Del Rio had a mixed reaction and Kofi had huge pops.

* Pop of the night came when Mysterio came out.

* Big Show also got a huge pop.

* Some good heel heat for Rhodes.

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