Live News & Notes From Tonight’s WWE Raw Taping

Published On 11/08/2010 | By Staff | News reader Joe Craven for sent in the following report:

* Michael Cole got heaps of heat by the fans, lots of “Cole sucks” chants.

* A woman told me off for for chanting “Cena Sucks” but lots of these chants were going as well as “Nexus sucks” chants.

* Mega pop for William Regal who beat Alex Riley in what seemed like a dark match.

* Biggest pop of the night went to Santino Marella.

* Ezekiel Jackson got a pretty swell face reaction during the WWE Superstars taping.

* The Miz got quite a lot of pops as did Sheamus.

* Mixed reaction for Nexus and Wade Barrett. David Otunga seemed to get the most heat.

* Fans were dead during the sucky divas match.

* There was a fan interaction with sign of the night.

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