Live Notes From WWE Extreme Rules

Reader Shannon Sylvia sent in the following:

Last night I just got home from my very first PPV that I went to, WWE Extreme Rules. Yes this is the first time WWE hosts a PPV in Tampa after 11 years of not getting one but I was really happy that we finally got one this year.

The crowd was jam packed outside because the doors didn’t open right around ten minutes to 7 so it was pretty early.

Once I got inside they were showing the Lightning game on all the TVs and I find it kind of funny because last year when I went to the Smackdown taping they showed the Rays killing the Blue Jays 10-0 thanks to Carlos Pena scoring two home runs since we have a home game at the Trop that night.

I was feeling some high expectations for this PPV. Half of the section is covered especially the first and third level. The dark match was good since seeing Sin Cara in person and doing his high flying moves is amazing. I mean if you have seen this guy on TV, you know what I’m talking about.

The Last Man Standing Match between Randy Orton and CM Punk was a good way to start the show. I thought the New Nexus is going to have Punk’s back, but the iPhone tritone chimed in and Josh says the GM decides that the New Nexus is banned from ringside. Here’s the funny part and it’s hilarious. I started singing the Goodbye song once New Nexus is banned and everybody in my section started singing along with me. There were some insane spots like Punk slamming Randy to the pole with the chair attached to his throat and Randy doing the RKO off the turnbuckle to win the match. It got a little slow in the beginning but overall I enjoyed this bout since it got the crowd going including the Let’s Go Orton/CM Punk chant. Basically it’s like anything but Singapore canes in my opinion.

Tables Match for the US title was OK but it looks like the US title is not coming to Smackdown with Sheamus. My mom joked about how he is so white in person while I think he looks like a clown that scares children or Beaker. Well Kofi Kingston doing his move off the ring and into the table on Sheamus to win the title was crazy.

Here we go with one of the worst matches on the card. All I can say is that Michael Cole looks like one of the wrestlers my high school wrestling team can beat the crap out of while wearing a bubble wrap to cover that orange singlet. Of course, Swagger and Cole won but the match was silly.

The Falls Count Anywhere match was another good match on the card. After Cody Rhodes came out to tell the men to give a paper bag to the crowd at ringside, it reminds me of those angry Dallas Cowboys fans when they wear a paper bag. The crowd was hot on this one where Rey Mysterio and Cody were fighting outside of the Forum and into the crowd. A lot of cool spots in this one. I find this a fun match to watch with more high risk moves.

I missed Loser Leaves WWE cause while I was enjoying my bathroom break, I ended up catching Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs since it’s still playing on the TV. Earlier that night before the PPV we were getting all excited and high-fiving each other after Vincent Lecavalier scored a goal at the beginning of 1st period. We were going to have a nice victory against the Washington Capitals 2-1 but Alex Ovechkin tied it up at the end of 3rd period and were going into OT. But, minutes later I checked for the results and just found out that Lightning won now that were 2-0 thanks to Vinny. Hey we have gone up and down but this season is a lot better especially having a new GM and coach. Hopefully bringing the Stanley Cup back to Tampa just like we blew Calgary’s flame years ago would be awesome. GO BOLTS!!!!!

This is the Match of the Night right here and it did not disappoint. It was very sad that Edge is forced to retire this year although I’m disappointed that I am not going to see him defend the title. And it was bittersweet that he got to retire as champion with his final match taking place at Wrestlemania for him to walkout with the World Heavyweight title. Now that he’s gone, you have his best friend Christian stepping up to the plate with Alberto Del Rio still saying that it is his destiny to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Both of them are fighting for the vacant title, but the problem is that Alberto is now a Raw Superstar. Just like you can’t have two heels walking out as world champion at WM 27, you can’t have two world titles on one show. This match got the fans on the edge of their seat throughout. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that there is blood in this match with Brodus Clay receiving the Carrie effect after he interfered. Nice to see a tiny ladder make an appearance somehow. Edge got a monstrous pop from the Tampa crowd when he showed up in a camouflage Jeep to distract Alberto allowing Christian to push the ladder and Del Rio falls into Ricardo and Brodus since we all thought were not going to see him again. But the biggest moment came when Christian climbed up the ladder and grab the title with Edge watching was really emotional to watch as both of them hug each other after the match was over. That match received the loudest pop so far with Christian really deserving to win the title after he worked so hard to get to the main event and seeing it live sends shivers down my spine. What a mark out moment right there.

I’m not going to talk about the Lumberjack Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship since it wasn’t very good.

The Steel Cage Match for the WWE title was another solid match. Good but, not great. But I’ll give you a couple highlights like John Morrison doing his Starship Pain off of the cage and into The Miz and John Cena, R-Truth interfering, and the AA off of the turnbuckle. I have seen Steel Cage matches in person before cause I remember Chris Jericho winning the World Heavyweight title from Batista with the winner facing John Cena for the title at Survivor Series 08. Not your typical Steel Cage match here, but Cena winning the title since he’s our hometown guy was interesting. Yes we do have Cena, Edge, Jericho, and Big Show just to name a few that live in Tampa. One more thing, I heard reports that Cena cut a promo and said he heard that Osama is dead which lead the crowd to chant USA, USA, USA after the show went off the air. I missed it cause my parents have work in the morning and we have to leave once the match was over. I did see it on the news after I got home.

Overall, I find Extreme Rules better than Wrestlemania XXVII even though there were a couple bad matches. The Last Man Standing, Falls Count Anywhere, and the Steel Cage Match where John Cena won the title again were some of the good matches on the card. But the best match by far is the Ladder Match and I got to witness Christian winning the World Heavyweight title for the first time.

It was also very special for my hometown to see Edge one last time after we started the “We Want Edge” chant throughout the match since the last time we saw him it was late 2007 after he came back at Survivor Series and he hooked up with Vickie Guerrero on Smackdown. Thank goodness that’s the last time we saw that cause I was there where it all began. I got lucky that I got to see Edge twice this year now that I got to see him three times especially meeting him at the Ozzy Osbourne concert a couple months ago at the Forum. Also I gotta thank my parents for giving me tickets to the PPV on my birthday a few months ago cause if this was disaster, then I would’ve got my money back. I might post some pics up. Not bad for a PPV for the first time since Survivor Series 2000 to take place in Tampa. They should get more PPVs here in the near future. And I quote from Inception, “I am impressed”.