Live Raw Fan Report: Off-Air Notes, Dark Matches & More

Thanks to Paul for sending in the following:

-Prior to the Raw Rumble (during commercials) Morrison and then Sheamus came to ring. Sheamus complained about being no. 2. Morrison responded with comments about it being appropriate (bad bathroom humor). Sheamus then said he was going to speak to the Raw GM and headed backstage??? Then he came back for the on air portion with no mention of it.

-After the show went off the air Lawler thanked the crowd and called out the Miz. The Miz and Riley came out for a confrontation which quickly became physical with Jerry sending them back with their tails between their legs. It was Jerry’s night!

-Crowd was as pro Cena as I have seen in a while since he has been getting a mixed reaction lately. Purple everywhere. During the Tribute to Troops video the only crowd response was to Cena footage.

-William Regal won a pre-show dark match against Jonny Curtis.