Live Report From Monday Night’s WWE Raw

The Nutter Center was 98 percent full with no tarps to be found except in the usual staging areas. There were scattered empty seats where the hard camera is set up but not many. Last time we went in November 2012 for Raw, the side behind the hard camera was mostly tarped off.

That was probably the best Raw I’ve ever been to! The John Cena vs. Randy Orton battle came right up our aisle, and Cena almost fell into my wife’s lap! We both made it on TV during that fracas from what I was told. Orton has nuclear heat right now. Nobody can touch the guy. Amazing how the crowd popped for him at the last Raw we went to in Dayton in November 2012 compared to how much they booed him this time.

The crowd was mostly cheering The Authority. Batista got a huge pop in both of his appearances. The “Yes!” chants with Daniel Bryan were deafening. Unreal! Everyone in attendance I saw was chanting along! Completely awesome and surreal! C.M. Punk got a good pop as well.

After the Usos vs. Wyatts tag match, the crew changed the ring canvas for some reason or another. The Usos are over big, and The Wyatts are getting good heat. Before the Wyatt match when the lights were out, you could see all three Wyatts run out while their music was playing.

Biggest reaction of the night goes to John Cena. Dayton LOVES Cena! Not one fan was booing him & in fact I even was seeing older guys wearing his new neon shirt.

After Raw went off the air (I was able to tell when I saw referee Mike Chioda made the “cut” sign with his hand), Damien Sandow came out & ran down Cena, only to be met with an AA to send the fans home happy.

Biggest Pops
John Cena
Daniel Bryan-The “YES!” chant is incredible not only on TV, but live as well!
Authority (A few boos but few & far between).

Most Heat
Randy Orton
The Wyatt Family
Paul Heyman
Brock Lesnar

(Credit: Alan Skinner)