Live Report From This Week’s WWE Monday Night Raw; Off-Air News & Notes, More

Thanks to reader Michael Grooms for sending this in:

My RAW Experience:

Got there an hour and a half early so I could get a good parking space, which I did. While waiting in line Hornswoggle came out and interacted with the younger fans. He signed a couple of autographs and took a couple pictures.

The merchandise was ridiculously overpriced so I didn’t buy a thing.

No Dark Match

Titus O’Neil w/ Darren Young beat Tensai w/ Brodus Clay and The Funkettes. Shockingly the reaction was about even. Titus had his fans doing his bark.

Heath Slater w/ 3MB beat Zack Ryder. When 3MB’s music hit, I marked out. I love them. The rest of the crowd was cheering for Ryder. Heath won with the Smash Hit after a distraction from Drew and Jinder.

No opening pyro

HHH got a big reaction but it was death afterwards with the Vince McMahon interferences.

Dean Ambrose got a bit of a pop as he came out with The Shield for his match with Kane. The crowd pretty much sat of their feet for their match but reacted when Kane chokeslammed Dean after the DQ.

People laughed their asses off when Kane hugged Vickie after she gave him a US Title shot.

The Miz came out to a decent pop. I love The Miz so seeing him win was great but I hate that Cody was literally squashed by him.

Curtis Axel got some good heat when he was announced as Fandango’s replacement but he really needs to work on his promo skills.

Chris Jericho got a HUGE reaction. He still has the magic.

Ziggler’s return was nice and he got some heat when he revealed he wouldn’t be wrestling.

Y2J’s match with Big E is forgettable but I was happy to be there when the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah picked up a win!

There was a mass break for the bathroom for the Sin Cara vs Antonio Cesaro match. I was one of them.

Now onto the greatest 30 minutes of RAW of the year. Randy Orton and Roman Reigns was a decent match and the crowd came alive for all of Ortons moves. The crowd LOST THEIR SHIT for Daniel Bryan. The entire arena was doing the Yes Chants and Points. His match with Seth Rollins was incredible. Daniel winning got a major pop and Orton hitting the RKO got a big pop.

The crowd reacted decently enough to the Divas segment and I was just glad this stupid secret admirer storyline is over and they are actually building a feud for the Butterfly Title.

Most of the crowd was burnt out for the Sandow and Truth match but popped big for Sheamus however him just standing on the stage did not got over so well with the crowd.

Since I don’t give a damn about Cena or Ryback, I left early to beat the traffic.

Overall, I had a good time and I got the most out of the $60 bucks I spent for my ticket.