Live Report From WWE Night of Champions PPV; Off Air News & Notes, More

Thanks to reader Richard Hagen for sending in the following:

I went to Night Of Champions last night in Detroit, Michigan and would like to submit a report.

Man! I haven’t been to a WWE Event at the Joe Louis Arena since I was a kid, but Detroit is pretty complicated. We did a good hour of walking around trying to find the Joe Louis Arena before actually finding it. I think it has to do with Downtown Detroit going through a lot of construction.

We stood inline outside in the cold rain for a good hour and a half before the doors were opened to us at 6:30. WWE Hall Of Famer Bob Backlund actually came out with some random guy with a megaphone who was shouting “The one! The only! BOBBBB BACKLUND!!” Over and over again. He made his way through the people waiting in line, shook hands, took photos, etc. He did this from about 6oclock till the doors were opened. Seemed like a very friendly and outgoing guy.

Once inside, we immediately went to check out our seats and got settled in. I went and got us some popcorn and Hot Chocolate and were ready for the show. While getting snacks, I heard inside the arena Justin Roberts announcing their social media ambassador for the night. It was some local rapper that I had or nobody in line at the concession stands had ever heard of.

The pre-show started with Paul Heyman complaining the Brad Maddox about his match tonight. It was obvious the match was going to become No-DQ. But Brad got a good pop once he made the match NO-DQ.

When the pre-show match actually started, the tag team turmoil had the crowd hot. It may have been because it was the first match of the night. Tensai was criticized hard for botching that roll up. Everybody was really into this match otherwise. The Real Americans were a favorite up until Prime Time Players came out and got the victory. People LOVE those guys.

Once the PPV actually started, the fireworks scared the absolute bejesus out of this guy walking down the stairs and he jumped a foot, I don’t blame him. That was loud stuff. A lot louder than it sounds on TV.

Triple H got a major pop mixed with some heat when he came out. Most people at ringside were bowing down to him as he came to the ring. I mean, how could you not? It’s Triple H. Once Paul Heyman came out and started talking to Triple H. It was sort of confusing who was supposed to be the bad guy in the situation since they were both portraying heels in the situation. Everybody in the crowd was on Triple H’s side through the whole thing.

Curtis Axel got no boos, or cheers, expect for this one guy behind me who absolutely loved him for god knows what reason. He is just boring to everybody. I personally think he is bland and needs to move on from this story line.

The match with Axel and Kingston was boring to everybody as well. I was REALLY hoping Kofi was going to take the title from Axel as I, along with most people around me, are tired of him with the title. With the couple of close 3 counts, Kofi had all of the crowd (expect for that dude behind me) behind him wanting him to win. But sadly, that did not happen and leave most people in my section shaking their head.

I didn’t see any of the divas match besides the entrances, as I left to go to concessions to get some more 2 dollar Hot Chocolate (yum). The concessions were SO SLOW. It was absolutely awful. The people doing concessions were doing math adding up prices on a piece of paper in front of them while people ordered, and everybody else was just slow. To get a good idea of how slow, I left my seat after AJ’s entrance and did not return till halfway through the World Heavyweight Title match. It was terrible. I thought I would be able to at least get back to see the winner of the divas match. Nope.

The crowd seemed dead though and most people used this match to the concessions anyway. Rob Van Dam was able to get a huge pop since it was his home state. Most people were expecting Ricardo to turn on Rob Van Dam. and when Ricardo brought in the chair, I thought that’s what was going to happen. When Ricardo was setting Rob up for the Coast To Coast. The Joe erupted in “ECW” chants. People were pumped about that. Remember that guy I was talking about that loved Curtis Axel? Yeah he was expecting Sandow to cash in and was yelling “WHERE’S SANDOW?!?!” the entire duration from the time the match ended, even through the promo they were showing on the screen. Even when it was so obvious the match was done and over with, that dude was set on Sandow cashing in. It was irritating.

The Miz and Fandango were not planned? I did not think they were on the card, but maybe they were. People liked The Miz. The lady infront of us had a sign that said “Kiss me Miz!” that she held up the entire match. So I was able to watch the titantron and watch the match. Nothing special to see here. People were liking Summer Rae though. Once Miz hit the figure four, everyone was “Woo!”ing. That’s about as exciting as it got in that match. Besides the “We Want Muffins!” “We Want Cake!” “Randy Savage!” chants that all broke out during this match.

Okay. Here is where it was a little interesting. While the promo was being shown for Punk/Axel/Heyman, a group of guys came out to “Check the ring” It was a little odd and some people were paying attention to these guys. I am assuming this is when Ryback snuck under the ring and waited it out till his interference in the match. I didn’t notice him. I really wonder if anybody ringside noticed someone go under and not come back out. There were a lot of guys that came out though. Probably 25 or so.

CM Punk got the biggest pop of the night tied with Daniel Bryan. People love him. It was great that he came out with a kendo stick and was ready to go. People still didn’t care about Curtis Axel.

A lot of chants broke out around me during this match. “We Want Tables” “Dvon! Dvon! Dvon!” I’m assuming this is like “DVON! GET THE TABLES!” CM Punk chants, “You Can’t Wrestle!” directed at Curtis Axel. Once Axel tapped to Punk the place erupted, and they got even more excited when they noticed that Axel was taken to the back and wouldn’t have a part in this match. When Ryback came out though, that pretty much killed the crowd. Everyone was upset.

Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose was next. Dolph got one of the biggest pops of the night. People liked him and it’s a shame he seems to be getting buried at this time. Dean Ambrose came through the crowd and people were already standing waiting for them a few minutes before he even showed up in the stands. Unfortunately, I was on the opposite side of where he came out. I was on the TV side, just more toward the titantron. I heard some guys talking though on the way out that Dean was getting fondled by a lot of people in the stands on his way down. Once Ambrose defeated Ziggler, the rest of the Shield members came down and celebrated with him in the ring. They actually had a pretty good response from people.

The Prime Time Players had everyone doing the Millions of Dollars dance thing. It was great. Everyone was doing it. I went to the live event the previous night in Saginaw, Michigan. And they had this match and I swear the match in Saginaw, and the match on the PPV was the same exact thing. All the spots were the same, all of them. It was identical. I felt kind of ripped off, but whatever.

Main event time. Daniel Bryan came out to a huge pop. Everyone loves the YES chants and people were doing them all night. Even before the PPV, outside the arena, in the arena, concession stand line, people love that. As do I. Great stuff.

Randy Orton got his usually pop from girls as girls love that dude. The Axel loved behind me was all for Randy Orton and was bragging the ENTIRE MATCH. That he knew Orton was going to win and was basically explaining to everyone how this storyline was going to pan out over the next month. It was so annoying. Everybody was standing in my section for this match. I personally, didn’t even notice the fast count. All though, my girlfriend said something like “That was a fast count.” The Axel lover was going absolutely mad when Bryan won. “WHERE IS TRIPLE H? BRING HIM OUT HERE! THIS IS BULLS**T!!” It was really annoying and it felt great that the guy who had cheered for all the bad guys all night, had finally cheered for someone who didn’t win.

Detroit was chanting YES from the time he won, up until Justin Roberts announced that they were coming back. The whole way back to the car, people were chanting “YES” It was great and such a feel good moment to go home too.

Wrap it up,

The biggest pops were for Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and Prime Time Players

Biggest heat was for Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel, The Shield.

Thanks for reading!

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