Live Report From WWE Royal Rumble PPV: Daniel Bryan, Batista Flips The Bird, Fans Upset, More correspondent Austin Shaw was at Sunday night’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Here is his live report from the event:

The 2014 Royal Rumble took place in Pittsburgh, PA at Consol Energy Center.

The Pre-Show had an impressive tag team battle between the New Age Outlaws and The Rhodes Brothers (c). The match was very clean though three of the four superstars are from the Attitude Era. Goldust wasn’t as effective in the match as he usually is and after being thrown from the ring, Billy Gunn tagged in without Cody seeing and caught Cody with his finisher. Gunn covered for the three count as Goldust slid into the ring but he was too late. Oh you didn’t know? The New Age Outlaws are the New WWE Tag Team Champions. The fans were very into the match and mixed cheers and boos at the end.

Daniel Bryan then opened the show against Bray Wyatt, the WWE Universe chanted “YES” loud and proud, as always. The match was very physical, Wyatt had many huge collisions with Bryan. Daniel Bryan had the fans on his side but Bray Wyatt was too strong as he picked up the victory and left Daniel Bryan laid out in the middle of the ring.

Daniel Bryan was not forgotten throughout the night…

Next came Brock Lesnar vs The Big Show. As the Big Show patiently waited inside the ring for Brock Lesnar, Lesnar slipped in with a steel chair and destroyed the Big Show with it before the bell rang. The Big Show rolled out of the ring and when he got back in Lesnar viciously attacked Show with the chair again. Finally after the referee got the chair out of the ring and The Big Show to his feet Lesnar charged in and boom knockout punch. Lesnar escaped the ring luckily as the fans filled the air with boos. Lesnar quickly came back and after a swing and miss by The Big Show, Brock Lesnar got The Big Show up for and held him for eight seconds before hitting an F5 and getting a three count. Lesnar then again pounded The Big Show with a steel chair. The match only lasted five minutes, Brock Lesnar beating The Big Show with the chair three times was longer than the match itself. The fans were not happy.

After, the “Highly” anticipated Re-Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship between Randy Orton (c) and John Cena took place. The match had many grappling holds and random fan chants that randomized from “WOO” to names of old school superstars, to a “This is Awful” and of course “Daniel Bryan” and “YES YES YES” throughout the match. The fans boo’d both Randy Orton and John Cena, they wanted Daniel Bryan. Orton hit an AA and STF on Cena and Cena hit an RKO. The shocker was the Wyatt’s distraction to Cena giving Orton the advantage to hit an RKO and win the match to retain the championships. The Wyatt’s then picked Cena apart. Bray Wyatt vs John Cena at Elimination Chamber or the what has been heavily rumored Wrestlemania? We shall see. Overall the match was eh, an average Cena vs Orton match. For those who watched the match, check out John Cena vs Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell 2009 and comment if you see any similarities. There is a huge one in particular that just goes to show Orton and Cena have brawled too many times.

Finally, The Royal Rumble Match.

The crowed absolutely went nuts when CM Punk’s music hit. Unfortunately the #2 man was very forgettable – Seth Rollins. Kane Shocked some coming out at #4 and was eliminated by CM Punk, who got a nice crowd reaction from that. Kofi Kingston yet again does something crazy, leaping about 8 feet off the barricade back into the ring safely. Dolph Ziggler didn’t last very long after entering at #12, the fans all cheered when his music hit. Another name that gets great crowd reactions and doesn’t get a push, Ziggler. Ziggler was eliminated by Roman Reigns. at #14 Kevin Nash returning yet again, lasting a few minutes and had one elimination. #17 was someone we hadn’t seen in a while, Sheamus is back. But when entrant #24’s music came on the crowd erupted, it was none other than, JBL. JBL only lasted about 15 seconds after taking he grand old time taking his jacket off, he was eliminated by Roman Reigns. Tension began to rise in the crowd as they waited for the arrival of Daniel Bryan, with 29 superstars already entered and just one spot left the WWE Universe wanted Daniel Bryan. #30, Rey Mysterio. The crowed exploded with boo’s. The boo’s were not directed at Mysterio fore, there was no reason to boo him. The boo’s were directed to the WWE because the Universe didn’t get what they wanted, and that was Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble. But, the match went on. As entrants trickled down, Dean Ambrose attempted to dump Roman Reigns out of the ring. Soon after Amrbose and Rollins were working on getting Antonio Cesaro out of the ring, Reigns ran over and eliminated all three over the top rope. As we got to the final four, there was tension in the air. The WWE Universe was hoping for another entrant in the match, Daniel Bryan. But it was not happening. With Punk, Sheamus, Reigns, and Batista left, Kane who was sitting outside the ring for quite a while ran in and eliminated CM Punk who had been in the ring the longest. Roman Reigns then eliminated Sheamus and broke Kane’s record of 11 eliminations by getting 12 in a single Royal Rumble. We were down to two, Roman Reigns and Dave Batista. After only a few minutes of fighting and an explosive spear by Reigns he attemped to throw Batista out of the ring, Batista swung Reigns momentum and threw him over the top to win the 2014 Royal Rumble Match. It was Batista’s second Royal Rumble win, the first coming in 2005, nine years ago. The crowed, boo’d and boo’d and boo’d.

As Batista made his way to the back, he stopped to high-five some fans. One fan in a CM Punk Tee gave Batista the middle finger. Batista ignored it and continued on with his high-fives in the same area. The same fan gave Batista the finger again and while all of this was on screen Batista thought a second and gave him the middle finger right back and then proceeded to the back. He stood at the top of the stage and got many more boo’s before heading to the back.

The WWE Universe want one thing and that is a Champion made out of Daniel Bryan. It almost got to the point of being annoying of how many Daniel Bryan and Yes chants went on throughout the night. It took away from the other matches on the card. Also without Daniel Bryan in the main event, it was very predictable that Batista was going to win and go on to WrestleMania.

Lastly, the crowd left Consol Energy Center with a sour taste in their mouths. No one was walking out happy. The WWE needs to do something to keep the fans happy about Daniel Bryan, I don’t know, maybe give him the push everyone wants, a title, maybe? The fans want and are paying to see Daniel Bryan and are not happy about it.

  • Snark Tank

    Do you guys have a copy editor? Damn…

  • Yusei Asakura

    As much as I love all my wrestlers growing up I was honestly thinking they were going the whole Austin route with DB and sadly creative still can go that route but seeing how Cena Vs Orton went for the 1001th time in my mind. I understand why Austin didn’t want to job to Brock.

    we need a decent match for bryan and bryan alone DB vs Punk? Maybe DB vs Taker( Even with the known outcome I’d still watch it)

    The only interesting thing was NAO winning the belts which was a Triple H thing imo because he did say he wanted the Tag Division to come back to what it once was.

    • Austin Shaw

      There are so many tag teams… Look at the rumble entrants. Bring in another set of titles?

      • saulewright

        I think they need to do a decent job of utilizing the teams they have. Real Americans should have been champs by now. PTP is pretty non-existent. Then you have teams like the Usos who are the go to team, Los Matatores who only fight 3MB…another team forgotten in tag competition. Then there’s Rybaxel who have no steam…I think they need to find out who is worthy of holding the tag belts first before adding more belts. They have tons of underutilized singles talent that would put on some amazing matches as well.