Live Report From Yesterday’s Mick Foley Book Signing

Reader Marcus attended yesterday’s Mick Foley “Countdown to Lockdown” book signing at Bookends. Below is his report:

I got to the signing at about 10:20 for a 11:00 signing, and there were about 20 people in front of me. I would be surprised if there were even a total of 50 people there. Mick got there about 5 minutes early, and he talked for a bit.

He would open up and read random pages from “Countdown to Lockdown” and then take questions, and read some more. The new store is not really set up for Q&A and people weren’t interested so it was VERY hard to hear.

Mick talked about WWE, TNA, WWE plugging his new book, his best moments, his fight with Flair, airplane stories, and also a little on Bischoff leaking him winning the WWE championship and what it did to their relationship and how that affected him working with Eric now.

I was enjoying this until some mother raised her hand and asked him to start the signing because her kids were getting restless.

Mick is just as nice as he has always been, great personality and loves his fans.

Bookends had said he would sign one extra item per book, so I bought 2 books and was hoping to get 3 items signed. I would have been fine with just one book, as Mick signed whatever you asked for anyway. I got two One Night Stand 06 chairs signed, an 8×10 of me and him, and the two books signed. Mick talked with every fan and took photos with everybody.

Overall it was a good time and I can assure that if he puts out another book I will go to that signing as well. The small line isn’t that surprising as this could realistically have been Mick’s 6th time at Bookends.