Live Report From Monday’s WWE Raw; Off Air News & Notes, The Undertaker, Triple H, More

Special thank you to long time reader Greg Dunlap for sending in the following:

Just want to start out by saying I am a long-time reader and even longer-time wrestling fan. Nothing as far as independents but always watched ecw, wcw and wwf/e. Anyway, I went with 3 friends (guys ages 20-24 including myself) and sat in section 207. I have yet to rewatch the show so I’ll go off memory from it.

– CM Punk’s music started the show to about 95% boos. I couldn’t believe it. What happened to the Philly crowd of old? Anyway, a very small ECW chant broke out n quickly faded.

– Undertaker’s gong and appearance may have been the pop of the night with the fans chanting his name.

– Fandango was booed all night. I can honestly tell you that my 3 buddies and me started a “you can’t wrestle” chant the 2nd time he came out that seemed to be picked up by the entire arena (not sure how it came off on tv)

– Ziggler, Big E n AJ did not get much of a reaction (somehow) but Jericho got some loud cheers and the whole crowd was behind him. What a legend.

– Not much of a reaction for Henry or the Usos, we all knew what was coming.

– The crowd loved Ricardo’s intro and was behind Del Rio, especially when he went after Swagger.

– No reaction for the PTP but some good cheers and “yes” chants with Daniel Bryan.

– Triple H had a pretty nice reaction. I’ve never liked him n thought his promo was pointless but the crowd cheered him n loved his kick to Barrett’s groin, assuming that was on tv.

– Pretty quiet for the Miz/Barrett except a decent amount of cheers for Miz’s entrance.

– I was in the bathroom for the Shield match but it must not have lasted long. We all knew the end result anyway. I am a big Ambrose/Rollins fan though.

– The crowd popped BIG for Orton when he Sheamus and Show came out to clear house

– Rhodes and Sandow drew some heat and was happy to see them win. The crowd was not, however.

– Crowd was behind Rybotch vs 3MB and I was stuck hearing “feed me more”. I honestly hate every single person involved in the match so I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

– Crowd was so dead for the divas match. AJ is still hot.

– The legends all came out to very nice pops. I thought this was a great touch n woke up the crowd some.

– Rock came out to a pop about the same as Undertaker at the start of the show.
– Cena to a decent pop til he got to the ring and the mixed reaction began

– The crowd booed Mcnabb’s name being mentioned n thought Cena bested Rocky with his line about how he would handle losing in 13 days.

– I thought the ending was awesome with Rock n Cena getting physical, but the crowd still didn’t seem that into it for whatever reason.

– Skipped the dark match because we already knew the faces would hit their finishers n “send the crowd home happy”. Again, don’t know if this even happened but I would assume so.

– Overall, I thought the show was decent but I had a blast. I knew everyone with a Mania match was gonna win so it was pretty predictable, much like Mania is shaping up to be. The crowd was DEAD during the matches. Hell, they were DEAD almost all night. It was very frustrating. My friends and I even started “yes” chants when getting food in line and people looked at us like we were crazy. Many families and young kids at the show and prob 20% left during the Rock/Cena Q n A. A very PG and dead crowd along with predictable matches made it seem like Wrestlemania was a month ago. There were only 2 people besides the 4 of us that were even loud anywhere near our sections or ears reach all night. Very disappointing Philly crowd and WWE needs to spice up this PG bullcrap if they want to keep their male demographic coming to the events.

– Saw Tony Chimmel, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Great Khali, Teddy Long and Cena leaving after the show. Daniel Bryan played with the “yes” chants, Great Khali gave us a wave and everyone else kept to themselves.