Live TNA BFG Report: Fans Throwing Debris, Encounters

The following is a TNA “Bound For Glory” live report from Lance:

The entire hard-shot side of the arena was taped off, completely empty. Its possible there were “plants” used in the audience to throw trash at the end, but they only served to get the real drunkards going. I saw several paying customers chucking beer cups and trash at the ring. I also saw many kids who didn’t seem to understand the finish. The Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss match got great reactions from the crowd, and RVD’s bump off the turnbuckle through the “barbed wire” got the biggest response of the night.

Brian Kendrick’s emergence seemed to be lost on many people as there was so much other action going on at the time and I don’t think everyone knew exactly who he was because he never faced the packed side of the arena. Sabu is the biggest botch artist of all time, no surprises there… and Sting’s reaction was relatively flat compared to what I’ve seen him get in Orlando and elsewhere in my state.

Jay Lethal and Douglas Williams pretty much signaled bathroom break, no one was into it. The opener was a spot-fest but a really fun one. We saw Alex Shelley carrying his own luggage across A1A to the Hilton where he was staying I suppose, limping and bitching about something. He was walking with Doug Williams. Taz avoided fans and ducked into a private area as we were exiting the building.

Mick Foley came out to do some autographs and pictures immediately after the show. Hulk Hogan left in a long white limo and did not pause for any fan interaction at all. Prior to the event, we saw Jimmy Hart (who acknowledged us and appeared to appreciate the cheers), Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow, and Don West all loitering in the open near the trucks.