Looking At Cesaro’s Chance To Prove “It” At WWE Elimination Chamber

Every so often an in-ring competitor comes along who has “It” – unquestionable wrestling skill, textbook technique yet loose and fluid in motion, remarkable physical attributes, infectious charisma, wit and charm, plus a little extra something that defies proper explanation.

Swiss grappler Cesaro may very well have “It”.

A towering Superstar as nimble with a microphone as he is with his 6’5” frame, his opponents learn quickly he can grind out a match on the mat with submission maneuvers and daze them with a Swiss-knife-like assortment of sharp strikes or aerial attacks, and let’s not forget the awe-inspiring Giant Swing.

Literally adding insult to injury, Cesaro then mentally grounds opposition with articulate verbal thrashings – which he used to do fluently in five different languages. These days he places his hand over his heart before shouting in loud clear voice, “We the people!”

Like follow Superstars Daniel Bryan and CM Punk before him, Antonio Cesaro is an alumnus of independent wrestling promotion Ring of Honor. Teamed with Chris Hero as The Kings of Wrestling, the duo were a dominant pair.

In WWE Cesaro is paired with former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger, together known as The Real Americans. Their success rate has been more seeing stars than earning stripes. Actually, Cesaro hasn’t been quite as colorful since reigning as United States Champion for 239 days.

Cesaro now has opportunity to return to singles glory yet go a major step further.  As 1 of 6 participants (John Cena, Sheamus, Christian, Bryan, and champion Randy Orton) in the upcoming Elimination Chamber match, he likely will not be competing there to boast his use of language arts. His goal may not even be to validate a ring prowess he conditioned pre-WWE.

Following the highly-publicized, yet still mysterious departure of Punk, and with so many eyes fixated on Bryan, Cesaro could be out to prove he belongs in the “face of the WWE” conversation.

More believably though, Cesaro would be competing for an opportunity to wear “It” – the WWE World Heavyweight title – around his waist, a little extra something with no need for explanation.

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  • Mordecai

    Personally, I’m not sure that Cesaro has yet connected with the crowds. Obviously, a face turn could change this. I think there is still a lot of room for him to grow. If anyone has seen his work in Chikara, he can funny as hell. I’d also like to see him pull off the UFO on someone like Big Show. I’m hoping he has a good performance at EC.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      He did when Cena brought him out at that Live Event. He will, as long as WWE uses him right.

  • codys moustache

    True wrestling fans love cesaro. It’s a shame chris hero was released because a fued between the two would be great for wwe. I have no doubt cesaro will shine in the chamber and I look forward to his rise thereafter. He’s a great heel and it would be a bad move to make him a face. All in all glad to see him in top match in the upcoming ppv.

  • Rey Ca$h

    Cesaro is the man, no doubt. But you can’t seriously think that he’s good on the microphone.

    • Michael F

      Yes because Orton and Batista are such wizards on the mic.