Looking At WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt: For Now & For The Future

A few weeks ago on RAW we all heard the first ‘boring’ chants from a WWE audience in referent to a Bray Wyatt promo, this got me thinking about his recent run since his feud with Daniel Bryan and his ultimate loss to John Cena. I’ve seen a lot of fans on Twitter playing up the usual ‘Cena burial’ argument which brought me to write about what I think WWE should do with Wyatt and his family, why I feel like people are classing his step down from the main event as a burial.

Undeniably, since his debut, Bray Wyatt has been one of the most interesting characters on the WWE roster and in my opinion he still is. First of all, I’ve seen complaints that he appears to cut the same promo week in week out with different words. To be fair, for the most part I agree but I don’t see why that is such a hindrance when some of the biggest names in wrestling did that for the majority of their career and made millions for themselves and the company, for example, how many times have you heard Hogan talk about his 27 inch pythons and Cena introduce himself with the same “my name is John Cena and the Champ is here” shtick, of course followed by the ultimate never give up and never back down worked into his promos. Despite his criticism, he’s still the biggest name in the company and is obviously in the main event. This begs the question, why does Wyatt have to come up with a completely different topic in each promo when the majority of wrestlers cut around 1 topic for the majority of their career (this isn’t criticism of Cena or Hogan). I feel like IWC especially has adopted Wyatt as the current “anti-Cena” guy and that appears to come with a risk of fans looking for negatives to appear different and cool, sort of what BEGAN to happen post-mania with Daniel Bryan.

Perhaps, the most criticism of Bray Wyatt has been since his defeat to Cena at Payback. Fans have appeared to see this as a burial which confuses me as for decades, the way wrestling works is that the superhero baby face eventually overcomes the odds and beats the heel. However, I can get the grievance that Cena overcoming the odds has been overdone so much that he doesn’t even overcome odds and it comes off as a burial. What fans haven’t seemed to think about is that the problem may be with the WWE roster or creative instead of just being with Cena ‘burying’ everyone. Currently, Bray is feuding with Jericho which is obviously a step down from Cena but the question has to be asked, who was Bray supposed to be feuding with instead? The main event has all of a sudden become stacked with Orton, Reigns, HHH and Cena all being in different feuds. I believe this is one of the reasons that fans are saying Bray has been buried because their are very few on Cena’s level to begin with so anyone other than maybe Randy Orton or HHH would seem like a step down. At the minute, it would seem like WWE need to keep heat on guys like Bray while the main event stories continue, only to use them later in the year or beginning of 2015. This is why I personally don’t think Wyatt has been ‘buried’. It is obvious to me that the WWE still have faith in him after giving him an interview segment with Jericho last night in which he was the main focus for 3/4’s of the duration. At the current moment I think Bray is pretty safe, he’s in a solid long term-ish feud with Jericho which he’ll most likely win and hopefully move onto something just as interesting. Because of this, I’m starting to think that wrestling fans, especially the smarter fans, are becoming harder to please, it appears that they NEED to have their guys going over every match otherwise there is a storm of critical tweets, not to say that criticism is never deserved though.

An idea I did have for Bray after this feud would be to win the IC or US belt. I know, what about the curse of the mid card titles? However, if treated right, I think it could be very successful. For instance, have Wyatt beat Miz for the IC belt – harming his ‘money maker’ while doing so – and then let Wyatt cut promos treat the belt as if it was Sister Abigail, maybe even further, have him talk about how it’s the only thing that matters in WWE and now he can gain more followers and on and on. Surely, having Bray Wyatt come on the Titantron every week telling the crowd how prestigious the belt is and how much it means to him and his family would only increase the value of the belt as well which has been diminished a ridiculous amount in the last 10 years. However, doing this may take a risk as if it isn’t done properly, Bray would ultimately end up in boring feuds and would no doubt suffer the same fate as Sheamus and Miz (although they didn’t help themselves).

In more recent RAW episodes, I haven’t heard any ‘boring’ chants during Bray’s promos which would suggest that he remains to be over with the majority of the crowd and that it was just a one off but this becomes worrying as a wrestling fan. In the current WWE roster, Bray, arguably cuts the best promos and also has took part in some of the most interesting feuds in recent years with Bryan and Cena. If wrestling fans can’t get stay focused on the product enough to keep following Wyatt without being bored then other than their favorite indie guys having 5* matches every week I don’t know what more can impress them. All in all, for now, personally I feel that Bray is safe where he is and hasn’t been buried by Cena but with WWE stacking and focusing on the main event, we can only hope that he won’t get lost in the shuffle.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

– Carl Maddison

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  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    why does Wyatt have to come up with a completely different topic in each promo when the majority of wrestlers cut around 1 topic for the majority of their career (this isn’t criticism of Cena or Hogan)

    The difference between Bray and Cena and Hogan is that Bray’s promos are unintelligible gibberish. It was cool at first since it was new but now that he has been put through the ringer by Cena and now currently in a thoroughly underwhelming and mediocre feud with Y2J, his strength, his voice is becoming his weakness. However, I will say that his most recent short promo on Raw is better then anything he has said since he arrived in WWE.

    Also, don’t understand criticism of fans regarding Bray. Let’s take a look at Ziggler. He too was in bad feuds and losing matches. He too is a skilled talker, but one crucial difference between Bray and Ziggler is that he won a damned belt. You don’t need to pray for 2015 or some other unknown date. He won and fulfilled his promise to the fans that have been clamoring for it for months. Bray just talks and talks about being the eater of worlds but puts on uninspiring matches and talks in gibberish. It’s more a case of the jig being up instead of creative not pushing Bray correctly.

    • Carl

      I get what you mean dude but I just think that WWE’s card is stacked right now and Bray appears to be taking a backseat. The difference between Bray and Ziggler imo are their ability in the ring but even that comparison seems unfair as Ziggler is a bumping machine whereas Bray’s matches appear more psychology based.

      Also, I think Bray’s promos aren’t gibberish, it depends how you take what he says I guess but gotta respect your opinion though dude. I just think creative could do a lot more and him winning the US belt would maybe do that even though it seems to be meaningless in recent years.

  • Dissonance

    Brilliant article. Said a lot of what I had been thinking.

    It’s always amazing with comments like one here. Bray Wyatt character goes over heads. If you think they’re unintelligible gibberish, you’re wrong or a 15 yr old kid. He uses a lot of metaphors and symbolism. Look it up or open your eyes. His words mean something. I get dumber just by typing and pointing that out. While some of it’s for entertainment, propaganda to sell the character, there’s a whole bunch of truth in there on things, people, and plus society, the ugliness of this world, it’s not as pretty as you think surrounded by comfort of your home in jammies. But he’s also playing the part of the social consciousness, the hidden voice of the world afraid to speak. He also doesn’t always cut the same promo. As a huge fan, I listen
    closely, and even type em out. He may use few things, but he adds so
    much more each week to it. They’re like catchphrases like the same one you
    mentioned but with a spin and more intelligent than characters before. If anything Y2J has sounded more like a broken record in this feud. But hypocritical how people complain about that. I also think “boring” was only couple of cities, and some fans just don’t know how to react because of what he’s saying.. Plus, it’s Y2J. Still popular. But heels and villains TALK. That’s their job. They don’t always back it up. But he gets held to a higher standard because this is HIS thing, he talks on a different scale, and a lot, as well as aforementioned in this article, it dings the character in their eyes when he doesn’t back it up on paper.

    He and Cena had a memorable feud where 2 out of 3 were good matches. WM where they put on a psychological show, pushed Cena to his limits and he sold it like I hadn’t seen in a while, with verge of going to dark side
    again. While he didn’t get the W, he got over more and throughout, it elevated him despite the L. But all people see are W’s. And “it’s Cena’s job to put him over.” What did they expect ? Cena to turn heel? Cena to lose after his legacy had been questioned? And at Payback, the other good match, they went back and forth. It took antics from Cena to win, not his usual thing. Though it got lost in that, then MITB happened, with no clear vision, so they brought in Y2J. Smart move. I mean, I could see the argument they flew too high with him so quick with Cena feud and as Y2J may have made more sense at WM as he wanted, then keep working his way, more on this though in a bit. But I like you touched on how people just can’t be pleased no matter what. Perceptions just can’t be lived up to and it’s hard to get that back sometimes til he goes on a title run, a run he can’t be touched or they do baby face turn. I also don’t necessarily think they are the “smarter” fans.

    His first yr in the company, he’s already been trusted to battle Daniel Bryan and win cleanly, and then Cena at WM. But 2 top guys viewed by higher ups. Vince, Dunn, HHH, Steph don’t allow that for just anyone or that trust. He just beat Y2J clean in a good match who’s still highly regarded but it’s “tainted” by aforementioned apparently. People have short sighted view of things. He’ll be fine so long as he does his thing and gain those back if no one touches or beats him for a long while

    Now, that Ziggler has the IC title, I’d love to see Bray target him next if he still has it after Y2J feud. It would also be interesting to see him being the one targeted with a title. It would certainly elevate it once again. If they also really want to, they need to put it on main eventers who aren’t in world title picture as of now.

    • Carl

      Thanks dude, thanks for the comment and glad you liked it and a Ziggler and Bray feud would be awesome. Totally agree with everything you just said, his promos are far beyond the usual ‘I’m going to beat you for the title’ wrestling promo.

  • Riley

    The main issue about the “Cena burial” argument is based on Cena’s history. Look what happened to the Nexus, and in the future, its members as individuals. Wade Barrett is the only one who made it out of that and was still treated at least semi-properly. Or, as a more recent example, Damien Sandow. I don’t think any intelligent fan can deny that WWE has buried Sandow with the ridiculous gimmick he has, which, I’ll admit is entertaining, but its made him into a joke, and has gone from future main eventer to a jobber.

    It’s Cena’s history with defeats such as this that cause people to think Wyatt got buried. Wyatt was THIS close to being buried, as I know fans just did not give a damn about his promos after Payback, UNTIL Jericho came back in. Yes, it is a step down from Cena, however with Jericho’s list of accomplishments, if a wrestler beats them, or even has a good match with them, it elevates them even a little bit, and that has been obvious since he has feuded with Jericho.

    I still have hope for Bray Wyatt, but as you said, once he’s done with Jericho, it all depends on how WWE decides to book him after that. A midcard title would be a nice start, a prime example being Ziggler winning the IC Title at Summerslam, it has renewed hope in his fans that he might be used properly. But with WWE’s history, who’s to say they’ll even push Wyatt? Using Ziggler again, look how long it took to give him a real push again.

    I have stopped having high expectations for this company based on the past few years, with small glimpses of hope here and there.

    • Carl

      I get what ya mean but I think the Sandow argument is poor though because he was booked before cashing in to lose over and over, so beating Cena even by Kayfabe standards would be pretty weak.