Smark Talk: Looking At WWE’s Main Event Superstars & Roster

I am really confused as to what WWE is doing with their talent management.

We know that Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan are in bad shape and not due to return any time soon. That, with CM Punk leaving and Brock Lesnar showing up twice a year, leaves the top of WWE very thin. We had Cena and Orton taking control for a little bit. However, people get bored of them easily and left WWE viewership in decline. WWE started pushing Ambrose and Rollins. During that time, though, they buried Cesaro and Bray Wyatt. The latter two men are very capable of handling and carrying a main event. Rollins and Ambrose certainly can carry and have proven themselves. Heck, when Rollins gave Lesnar the curb stomp a month or so ago, I was in disbelief! But, the tide is turning for the worse, once more.

Not only does WWE bury this awesome return of Bray Wyatt (attacking Ambrose at HIAC PPV) by having Wyatt fight Sin Cara on Main Event (yuck)…but now they’re burying Orton by writing him off TV so he can film the new Condemned movie. Does WWE really believe they can afford to cut more guys off the top? They’re certainly not pushing any of their other talents to the top. Where are the title shots (big title) for The Miz or Dolph Ziggler?

What WWE should do when they’re in this time of no top talents is to split the belt once more. They already ruined their Money in the Bank moving it from WrestleMania to its own PPV and now they’re moving Elimination Chamber. Also, no one watched SmackDown anymore as its rehashing of Raw and the PPVs. John Cena now has his third title shot at Lesnar, which isn’t even set in stone because we don’t know when we’ll see Lesnar again. This is becoming a joke. WWE just needs to swallow their pride, split up the titles and start putting more people at the top. Heck, even shake it up and give the title to Bo Dallas or something and just create a monster heel out of him. No one would see it coming and it is moments like that where people will talk and start to tune in.

How many people tune in when they know Cena is still the champ? Cena certainly deserves everything he’s earned and will earn, but it’s stagnant. The guy hasn’t changed who he is since 2006 and can’t be stopped. The product just feels like it’s getting boring. Fortunately we have the new video game coming out to give us the fantasy matches without people getting injured. I can only hope that by the time Royal Rumble comes, we get Orton back and Reigns back. I know Bryan is likely done wrestling and we can give up on expecting CM Punk to return. At least during this time with Orton out, I hope WWE can either bring in Brock Lesnar for a few weeks leading up to Survivor Series or debut someone on the main roster like the NXT big guys or even Sting.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

  • Joshua Williams

    The Miz just lost his IC title, so how does he deserve to be in the World title picture? Also this will only be the 2nd time that Cena is challenging Brock for the title. First time he was defending champ. Rolins and Ambrose just main evented a PPV 10 days ago. And Bo Dallas? Seriously? Also, your over use of the term “bury” makes me wonder how old you are. Apparently anytime someone is not in the main event they’ve been buried (and apparently even when they are). What a hack editorial. Monday’s RAW was a giant step in the right direction, proving that Lesnar and Cena aren’t needed on television, and Ziggler just got shoved into the main event at SS. I suppose he’s “buried” though since it’s not a title shot?

    • Monty605

      Totally agree with the over use of “burying” it’s the biggest thing that pisses me off. People say “oh Superstar X is getting buried or Superstar Y is getting buried” Are they on TV nearly every week? Are they in matches nearly every week? if the answer is “Yes” then they aren’t getting buried are they? Just because they aren’t getting the push you think they are doesn’t mean they’re buried.

    • Matt

      I’m almost 30!! When people aren’t even battling for a mid card title like IC or US, I consider that buried. It’s not a guy being or not being on TV that causes that, IMO. I think it’s just more of the writing staff didn’t give the string beans a chance until all the muscleheads got injured. I don’t care who gets the “push” and would be happy to see anyone as the champ (except Khali). :)

      • Joshua Williams

        “When people aren’t even battling for a mid card title like IC or US, I consider that buried.” But yet you mention Ziggler’s name in your “buried” rant. He’s the IC champ, in case you hadn’t noticed. Oh and he’s also going to be in the main event at one of the biggest PPV’s of the year. Your logic is filled with fallacy.

        • Matt

          Im not trying to make an appeasement to your perception of my article. I used an example and stand by it knowing full well couch warriors like you will open your yap and attempt to sound smart. Accept that almost all talents are buried. Get out of your Cm Punk/Daniel Bryan mindset, son

          • Joshua Williams

            Oh nice. Now you’re going to be insulting because I call out your lack of effort on an editorial? 1st thing is, I am NOT a CM Punk fan, and I am definitely not a goat face troll fan. I am 33 years old, so I am definitely not your son, and I have been watching wrestling since the early 80’s. You wanna-be journalists get a gig writing for some dirt sheet website, probably an unpaid job at that, and you think you can just drop the bury term 100 times like you have any idea what “bury” actually means. Bury would mean that the company is deliberately trying to destroy the wrestlers character to the point that he won’t be able to find work elsewhere. The Ultimate Warrior bash DVD that WWE put out is a “bury job”. Not putting every single wrestler into a title picture is not burying them. If you can’t handle criticism of your writing, then stop writing. Jackass

          • Matt

            I can handle criticism as im a real life author who writes random blurbs here for fun. I cant handle people like you who claim to know everything, yet still do nothing to back it up. I would love for you to become a writer here and show us all your holy wisdom. Until then, son, go do something better with your time and leave the writing for the big boys who have the balls to write for trolls like you. Merry Christmas

          • Matt

            I am sorry that I went off on you like that (long days at work). All I meant in my article was that WWE is shorthanded for their TOP talents and need to utilize this time to really get their mid card talents into the big title picture. Whether that means splitting up the titles, taking chances on guy’s we wouldn’t expect to become champion or bringing in a few more part timers…any would be a good solution. I used the names I did as examples, not people I want to see champion.


    You say there aren’t enough top talents to compete for one belt, so your solution is turn one belt into two belts? If there aren’t enough talents for one belt, how the hell will there be enough talents for two belts?

    • Matt

      It’s not enough guys being top guys, it’s not enough top guys being labeled as top guys. There is such a healthy middle ground in WWE now and they’re all just at a glass ceiling. Would be nice to see someone in booking take some chances.

  • Jonathan

    WWE has too much pride. They should consider bringing in talent from TNA or other wrestling forums and bring them in under NXT. In addition bring up whoever is ready from NXT to RAW/SMACKDOWN. The WWE has overworked several wrestlers and in turn has many injured top tier wrestlers. I think the belt should be taken away from Lesnar because he has not competed in such a long time. In addition having Lesnar with the belt create bad morale for the regular wrestlers.