Low Attendance Adds To Low Morale For TNA, Wrestlers Reportedly Looking To Leave, More

The fact that TNA drew very bad attendance at their stadium shows last weekend really had morale down among the roster that was on the road.

Word is that so many talents have been let go, talents know that the Carter family is hardly putting any new money into the company and since wrestlers usually judge how things are going based on the crowds, it’s said that there is a feeling of uneasiness about the future even more than ever before right now. The lack of a TV deal is also part of the morale problem but TNA sending stars to the Spike TV awards show last week could be a sign that their talks are progressing.

Several TNA stars have recently contacted Ring of Honor for work and some are hoping that Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling will be an option. There’s also some concern that few details on GFW have been confirmed and it’s getting closer to the time when fall programming is announced.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • mac888

    Why are they booking stadiums?!!!! This company is lost, they have trouble filling out Division II arenas and somebody went ahead and said let’s book a stadium tour? Things are worse than I thought for them, they’re delusional

  • MistaMacc

    I have not really watched TNA since the octagon shaped ring or whatever it was called. All talent that is fair/good/great need to go to or back to WWE or ROH or just wait for GFW. I BET once good ol’ Double J gets GFW up and running TNA will fold soon after… In 3… 2… Oh shit…

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX

      It’s a hexagon btw .