Low-Ki Says One Man Makes The Decisions In WWE

Former WWE star Kaval recently sat down with SLAM! Wrestling and discussed the reasons why he left the company.

“People have to be very careful when they refer to the company not doing much with a certain talent,” he explained. “There is only one man who makes decisions, he says yes or no and that needs to be made clear. I’m not going to even mention his name but the company has their own view on who is going to be a star or not.”

He continued:
“I asked for my release, both WWE and myself agreed that it would be best if we didn’t continue doing business together at this current time. They had no path for me or any plans in the near future so instead of wasting my time and my body for them, I decided it was time to move on.”

Kaval is currently back on the Indy scene under his old name Low-Ki.

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