Low Rating For Wednesday’s TNA Impact Wrestling, Many Fans Unaware Of New Night

As PWMania.com reported, Wednesday night’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling drew 852,000 viewers, down from last Thursday night’s 1.126 million viewers.

Last night’s show did a 0.65 cable rating. This is down from last Thursday’s 0.96 rating, which was the lowest rating in two months and down from the previous week’s 1.09 rating.

For what it’s worth, we’ve seen lots of comments and heard from several fans who say they didn’t know the change was taking place this week. Below are three search terms fans used to find the site tonight, according to Google Analytics:

“why isnt Impact wrestling on 8/21/14”

“what happened to all of the tna stars”

“no tna impact for 8-21-2014”

  • zinandra_g

    To be fair: TNA sucks more then ever. Yes it’s more hardcore etc but it just bad booking, and it’s not the same. I fast forward nowadays. TNA sucks and it’s just boring.

    • TheBluePrint

      Bro you suck. Tna is wayyyyy better than WWE…& then some.
      Get a life idiot. Samoa Joe and the Lowki match was amazing.
      Abyss & Brahm along with the Knockouts match
      Was great too. The whole program was an A+.
      I’ll leave u alone so you can watch the lame wrestling
      Moves and boring same old WWE