Luke Robinson Interview: Tough Enough, Future, and More

Recently, Luke Robinson conducted an interview at regarding his future, Andy Leavine, Tough Enough and more. Here are a few excerpts:

It was the moment; at Raw, you and Andy made your way out with the WWE Tough Enough Championships, and were waiting for the verdict. How was the complete experience on being on WWE’s top show?

Luke: That was a surreal but comfortable moment. As I walked out onto the ramp from the Gorilla position, I felt like this was “home.” This is what I was meant to do. I was nervous backstage, but felt totally confident as I strode down the ramp. I was embacing the hate from the fans. I had worked hard to position myself as a villian on Tough Enough and I was able to soak up the fruits of my efforts in that moment. Live on Raw. Living my dream.

As we all know, Andy Leavine won Tough Enough, much to the dismay of the so-called “WWE Universe”. Were you informed before that he had a contract with WWE’s development territory, FCW?

Luke: During the first episode, John Laurinitias pulled Andy and what’s her name of the bus we were on. It got leaked then, that they both have developmental contracts prior to the show. I was kinda shocked because most competitions wouldn’t allow someone who already had the “prize” to be in the contest. It was obviously a little bizarre and suspect.

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