Magnum T.A. On How He Would’ve Done In Attitude Era, Roman Reigns’ Battle With Leukemia

Magnum T.A. appeared on the Apter Chat to discuss various topics. Here are the highlights (H/T to Wrestlezone).

How he would have done in the Attitude Era:

“The Attitude Era would have started earlier [had he continued wrestling]. I can tell you write now. We were blazing down that trail….if Jimmy hadn’t lost control of that ship. If you think about the violent confrontations and the things we were portraying…hands down, not even question had the tide not go the way it did and we could would have, should have, could have ourselves to death. The fact is the Crockett’s had the whole world built around me and they didn’t have a plan B. I was gonna be their champion. They wanted Flair to be their Jack Nicklaus, their Golden Bear. Those were the words right out of Jimmy Crockett’s mouth. They wanted him to be the elder spokesperson because he was 10 years older than me and they wanted a completely different new look to the champion. So when Magnum, untimely 27 years old gets laid out and out of the game completely, they went – we had great momentum going, we were doing sell out business – and they went bazoody buying all these guys with the big ticket contracts to keep it all going. Well, if that was the direction things had gone, I would have hands down wanted to be involved with Vince’s organization. Steve Austin‘s character was nothing more than a modern version of me with no hair and drinking beer in public instead of in the cars and airplanes going down the road. Seriously, he just got to have a ball and I would have absolutely loved that. I would have loved to work with him and Triple H and Shawn Michaels and that whole crew of people and that would have been right in my time to do it.”

Roman Reigns’ leukemia announcement:

“So sad the announcement with Roman Reigns just choked me up. Somebody was saying, ‘What does it make you feel like?’ I know exactly what it feels like. I’ve been right there and this kid’s in a fight for his life. My heart goes out to him. My prayers go out for him and his family and it’s become real real quick. I can tell you like I posted today online and no kidding – the hero that he portrayed was bigger than life, but the speech he made on RAW made him the biggest hero on the planet to me because he stepped up and he was a man. He handled that better than anybody could ever be asked to handle such a task and I just hope that he’s able to make a comeback from it like he did 11 years ago when he had his first bout with it, that he can overcome it again.”