Main Event For Hardcore Roadtrip

On Saturday March 2nd, 2013 London, ON Canada will go from a very conservative Canadian city to an “Extreme” launching pad for Hardcore Roadtrips debut show. London has a population of 366,151 and sits approximately halfway between Toronto, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.
This will be the first major ECW Reunion event outside of Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and Florida ever! Some people are calling this a once in a lifetime event for ECW Fan’s in the region to attend and even if that sounds a little dramatic, It is not far off from the truth.
The Promoters have booked a Hardcore Fanfest in the morning 10am to 12pm Where fans can meet their favorite ECW Wrestlers, buy ECW Memorabilia &  Merchandise, Have the opportunity to take part in a wrestling seminar put on by Raven, See two wrestling matches featuring Joel Gertners MXW Pro Wrestling based out of New York, New York, and one of Canada’s most Hardcore promotions Death Proof, There will also be an opportunity for fans to get into the ring and cut a promo with their favorite ECW Star and have it videotaped for all their friends and family to see.
There will be two separate wrestling shows for fans to attend on March 2nd, 2013 the first show is being called Banned in the USA – It will feature the first round of the Hardcore Roadtrip 8 Man Tournament to crown the first ever Hardcore Roadtrip Champion. The Matches are as follows
Stevie Richards -VS- Vito “The Skull” Lograsso
“Kingpin” Angel -VS- “The Hardcore Chair Swinging Freak” Axl Rotten
The Blue Meanie -VS- CW Anderson
Jason Knight    -VS- Pitbull 1 Gary Wolf
Sabu -VS- 2 Cold Scorpio
The second show is “Born 2B Wired” this event will feature the conclusion to the Hardcore Roadtrip tournament that got started earlier in the day, fans will see rounds 2 and 3, Also booked on this show will be a 6 Way Dance in a Barbwire Ropes Match! More matches will be announced for both events very soon.
Other talent booked for these shows – The Sandman, Raven, Christian York, Devon Dudley, Bill Alfonso, Tod Gordon, Missy Hyatt, Joel Gertner, and many more.

The day’s activities will wrap up with “The Extreme After party” where fans will have the opportunity to hang out with The Sandman, Joel Gertner and many more of their Hardcore Hero’s.
Tickets are available right now starting at just $20 don’t miss this opportunity to see these ECW Legends one last time! The Venue is very small so book your tickets today!