Major Concern Backstage At Tonight’s WWE Raw, Brock Lesnar & The Rock Plans Nixed?, John Cena

– There is said to be absolute panic at RAW this afternoon. Tonight’s show was scheduled to build to a segment where Brock Lesnar beat up The Rock to set up a WrestleMania XXX main event.

The Rock is not at RAW and word going around is he went home. Vince McMahon, WWE writers and producers are busy re-doing the show and apparently the angle has been nixed.

Nobody knows any details as to what happened past that. The belief now is that Rock won’t be appearing tonight.

– There is another major angle planned for tonight to set up John Cena’s next title defense at Extreme Rules. It was something that has been planned for some time and was actually scheduled for WrestleMania Sunday night.


  • Joe Martin

    The Rock took his ball and went home .

  • Gav Harrison Formaly Hickman

    Rock doesn’t want to waste his time and he doesn’t like Lesnar nor did he like the ending of last nights main event

  • Knitemare

    LOL what a fucking joke faggot piece of shit the rock is.. I hope all his movies fail to the extreme.. Fuck you rock you sell out

    • Gav Harrison Formaly Hickman

      Bet your a Cena fan boy lmao